Why is the NFL protecting anti-semite DeSean Jackson?

33-year-old Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson posted inflammatory, bigoted comments about Jewish people on Instagram. They referred to Jewish people wanting to “take over the world” and other bigoted rhetoric. In fact, Jackson thought he was quoting the words of Adolf Hitler on Instagram. What kind of normal human being does something like that?

When people noticed Jackson’s comments and then criticized him for spewing them, Jackson said the posts were taken “the wrong way.”

DeSean Jackson is a garbage person

I don’t understand why DeSean Jackson is still in the NFL. The man thought he was quoting Adolf Hitler. He did it a platform designed for people to post pics of their children being cute. Jackson doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL. Playing professional sports is a privilege, not a right.

Besides, he’s well past his prime. His skills have diminished to the point where can be accurately described as a journeyman. DeSean Jackson is a journeyman receiver who thinks the Jews are going to take over the world.

The Eagles issued a press release concerning Jackson’s bigoted comments.

From the press release:

This has been a difficult and emotional week for our community and organization. The Philadelphia Eagles do not tolerate hate towards any individual or group. We believe in respect and equality for all races, ethnicities, and faiths. We as an organization want to help be an instrument for positive change. This can only occur through strong, deliberate actions and a commitment to learn and grow.

The Philadelphia Eagles do tolerate hate towards individuals, groups, faiths, and ethnicities. If their statement was true, they would cut Jackson from the team. By choosing to keep him in the organization, they’re letting everyone know who they are and where they stand.

If I were Jewish and I was an Eagles fan, I would find another team. I would no longer be an Eagles fan. Not while DeSean Jackson was on the team.

DeSean Jackson does not need more education

Why is the NFL protecting anti-semite DeSean Jackson?
University of California, Berkeley

Anyone who thinks Jackson just needs education on the dangers of antisemitism is delusional. He attended the University of California, Berkeley for three years. He’s a college-educated 33-year-old man. If he thought he agreed with something Adolf Hitler said about Jewish people and then thought that something was worth sharing on Instagram, no amount of education will fix that. Education for someone like that would only be a waste. Jackson’s stupidity and bigotry are baked in. He’s a fully-grown man. No amount of education will fix him.

To conclude, the Eagles need to cut DeSean Jackson. Unless they do that, they come off looking just as bad as Jackson. Additionally, the NFL needs to suspend him. They need to send that message that hating on Jewish people will not be tolerated. As long as Jackson is in the league, they cannot do that.

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  1. I’m a life long Saints fan. Suffered with them through all those horrible seasons. I have completely divorced all professional sports. I will not allow them to receive any media rating from me. I hope more fans who are offended by antisemitism & anti-Americanism will join the boycott as well. My American flag is displayed proudly & will not be removed very easily.

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