Why is Henry Ruggs III referred to as an ‘ex-Raider’?

Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III drove his Chevrolet Corvette into a Toyota Rav4, killing 23-year-old Tina Tinto. Ruggs was traveling 156 miles an hour and he was drunk.

News stories are referring to Ruggs as an “ex-Raider.”

This distinction is misleading. When Henry Ruggs III killed Tina Tintor with his vehicle, he was a member of the Las Vegas Raiders. It’s important to remember this fact. It’s important because it speaks to what a garbage organization the Las Vegas Raiders are.

Henry Ruggs III murdered Tina Tintor with his vehicle in the early morning hours of November 2. The Raiders didn’t release Ruggs until later that evening.

Normally, I would wonder why it took the organization that long to release Ruggs. Being familiar with the Raiders and how they operate, I’m not surprised it took them all day and late into the evening to decide to part ways with a person who murdered a woman with his vehicle.

Anyone who refers to Ruggs as an “ex-Raider” is unconsciously participating in protecting the reputation of the Las Vegas Raiders organization. I can assure you, they’re not worthy of such protection.

The Raiders suck, I hate them, and I hope they never win another Super Bowl.

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