Why I will no longer use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’

I’ve decided to stop using the term Social Justice Warrior. Instead, I’ll use the term Social Justice Advocate. I believe it conveys the same meaning, but it’s less insulting and demeaning, both to the people whose actions I’m trying to describe and to real warriors.

For example, YouTube personality and fellow Western Maryland resident Steve Shives is a Social Justice Advocate. Steve is a lot of things, but he’s not a warrior. On the other hand, NBA star point guard Stephen Curry is a Golden State Warrior. These two men are nothing alike. One is a warrior, the other is not.

Soldiers about to hit the beach at Normandy on D-Day. These guys were Warriors.

I think to call Steve Shives a Social Justice Warrior is unnecessarily demeaning when Social Justice Advocate works just as well. Why be insulting when you don’t have to be?

Girls protesting against the patriarchy. Most definitely not warriors.

For example, from now on, this is how I will describe Steve: Steve Shives is a Social Justice Advocate who uses Twitter block bots to shield himself from people with opinions contrary to his own. 

See the difference in tone?

More Examples

Mitch Richmond of the Golden State Warriors. He was a Warrior before he was traded to the Bullets.


Canadian Chanty Morris. Not a warrior, but certainly an advocate. Of what, I’m not sure. Probably for feminism.


Famous Apache leader Geronimo. He was a warrior.


Famous comic book writer Mark Waid. Not a warrior. Protector and advocate of the marginalized.
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