Why I hate New England sports fans

Evidently there are some New England Patriots fans that want the NFL to investigate the final 1:22 of the Superbowl. They contend that the clock was stopped when it should not have been. They have an online petition that so far as garnered 16,340 signatures. I’m not sure how many of those are fake. I’m sure quite a few people signed in jest.

I signed the petition as Nomar McWhiner.

Even if 10% of the signatures are legit, that’s far too many. It’s pathetic.

From reading the petition, it appears they want the game replayed. Like that is going to happen. If steroid junkie Rodney Harrison has made a play against David Tyree, Patriot fans wouldn’t be whining about anything. They certainly wouldn’t be asking the NFL to investigate so they can replay the game.

I would think the last thing any Patriots fan would want is the NFL to do any more investigating.

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