Why does John Scalzi hate Maryland?

Tor Books has announced the book tour for John Scalzi’s Redshirts today and wouldn’t you know it, the great state of Maryland didn’t make the list of official stops.

I’m so disappointed.

I’ve been looking so forward to reading this book for a while now. It’s about the so-called “expendable” people on a large interstellar starship, like for example, the people on the old Star Trek TV series who wore red shirts. They would beam down to the planet surface with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy and would almost always get killed. They would either step on something, lean on something. breath something, look at something, or simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get vaporized because of it.

Though this book has nothing to do with Star Trek, it does poke a bit of fun at the premise.

John Scalzi is one of my favorite writers. I picked up Old Man’s War at the library a couple of years ago after seeing it on the New Releases shelf and have been an avid reader of his words every since.

Redshirts comes out June 5, 2012. If you order it now from Amazon and request 2-day delivery, you will have it in your hands the day it comes out.

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