Washington Wizards mock fans of opposing teams

The Washington Wizards have begun a new gimmick they call the Bandwagon Cam. It’s where they find people in attendance wearing paraphernalia of the opposing team and then show them on the jumbotron and label them as bandwagon fans. The three hundred people in attendance to see the Wizards then boo these bandwagon fans and everyone has a good laugh.

It’s unclear if they do this every night or only when the visiting team is one of the best teams in the league, for instance, the Miami Heat.

As a transplant to this area, I don’t really know what to make of this. Though I don’t ever see myself going to a Wizards game wearing the opposing team’s gear, I can foresee the day that I go to a Washington Capitals game decked out in Los Angeles Kings attire, assuming that I was there to see the Kings play. Considering that the Kings finally won the Stanley Cup a few years ago and since then, have been consistently one of the best teams in the NHL, would I run the risk of being labeled a bandwagon fan?

Maybe, but I don’t really care. Washington D.C. area sports fans are some of the worst sports fans in the entire country. They give the term fair weather fan a whole new meaning. Look up the term on Wikipedia, and you’ll probably see a picture of some fat guy wearing an RG3 jersey that’s a size too small. Don’t believe me? Look at the above photo. See all those empty seats? The Wizards were hosting the defending two-time NBA champions and Washington fans couldn’t care less. The fact that the Wizards beat the Heat in convincing fashion made the lack of home team support kind of funny.

I could not care less what Washington D.C. sports fans think of me.

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