Man behind Washington Redskins name change is a casino kingpin

Change the Mascot, the group behind the movement to get the Washington Redskins to change their name, has an official website dedicated to their task. This is how they describe themselves:

Change the Mascot is a national campaign to end the use of the racial slur “redskins” as the mascot and name of the NFL team in Washington, D.C. Launched by the Oneida Indian Nation, the campaign calls upon the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell to do the right thing and bring an end the use of the racial epithet.

First of all, the Washington Redskins don’t even have a mascot. If they want to force the Washington Redskins to change their name, why did they call their organization Change the Mascot?

Second of all, Nowhere on the website does it point out that the Change the Mascot organization was created by a casino operator. The Oneida Indian Nation is based in Verona, New York and is represented by Ray Halbritter. He’s their Nation Representative, whatever that means, but he’s also the CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises, an LLC that operates the Turning Stone Resort Casino.

Throughout the Change The Mascot website, Ray Halbritter is mentioned repeatedly as the Oneida Nation Representative, not the CEO of a major gambling enterprise.

I used to live near Verona, New York. In fact, I used to drive by the Turning Stone casino on my way to and from work. Before I read the Change the Mascot website, I had no idea the Oneida Indian Nation was involved in trying to get the Washington Redskins to change their name. Until now, I thought they were solely dedicated to getting gullible people to get off the thruway and gamble their hard-earned money away. Before the Oneida Indian Nation opened the casino in 1993, they sold gasoline and cigarettes, both tax-free, to non-Indian people coming off the thruway.

They also ran a bingo hall.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would be nuts if he allowed Ray Halbritter, or any other two-bit casino operator, try to dictate what a team’s name should be. If Halbritter doesn’t like the Washington Redskins name, then he shouldn’t watch their games or buy their merchandise. He should just stay in his casino on Indian land and watch his non-Indian employees help his non-Indian customers gamble away their non-Indian money.

I don’t like gambling and I don’t like casinos. That’s why I don’t gamble and it’s why I stay away from casinos, especially Indian casinos that pay no federal tax on the money they fleece.

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