The Washington Nationals are having COVID-19 problems

The Washington Nationals are having a problem with COVID-19. At least three players have it.

From the Washington Post:

The Opening Day matchup between the Washington Nationals and New York Mets was postponed Thursday because of coronavirus concerns, throwing an expected celebration into familiar uncertainty. Hours after the decision was made, General Manager Mike Rizzo announced that three Nationals players have now tested positive this week, and a fourth player likely has, too.

All it takes is for one player to contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. They get it and then pass it on to their teammates. When Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner contracted COVID-19, he passed it on to nine other people in the Dodgers organization.

I know the players and managers put on a show of wearing masks while in the dugout. None of them practice social distancing. No one could in the close confines of a dugout. Social distancing is more important than wearing a mask. Because of baseball’s nature, players need to keep to a strict regiment to avoid situations where they might contract the disease. They’re only human, though.

Here in Maryland, we are beginning to see yet another surge. The state reported 1,584 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. The statewide positivity rate is now at 5.51%. Bars and restaurants are at 100% capacity, and schools are in session.

Here in Washington County, the positivity rate is at 9.28%. I stopped at Walmart the other day. We needed some groceries. I could not believe how many people there didn’t have a mask on, which is still required here in Maryland. People were walking around with their faces hanging out like it was 2018. I was able to put a wide berth between them and me.

I think it’s hard to expect baseball players to adhere to COVID-19 protocols when the communities in which they live aren’t doing it either.

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