Walmart is still selling Nazi SS skull t-shirts

I was surprised at the level of response I got from yesterday’s post about Walmart selling t-shirts with the Nazi SS Death’s Head logo on them. I knew some blogs got over 55,000 visits in a single day. I just never thought this blog would ever be one of them.

If I have learned anything over the last 24 hours its that people love a story involving Walmart and Nazis. Go figure.

I was contacted yesterday by someone from a PR firm that represents Wal-Mart:


Good morning. My name is Marshall Manson. I work for Edelman doing online public affairs for Wal-Mart. I noticed your post about the t-shirts that Wal-Mart is selling. I wanted to make sure you saw the company’s statement about this and knew that Wal-Mart is now removing the t-shirts from its stores. Obviously, with a company as big as Wal-Mart, that may take a day or two.

The statement is just below. If you would like to discuss anything, feel free to respond to this e-mail.

Statement from Wal-Mart:

We were not aware of the origins of the image until this morning when we learned about it through the blog Bent Corner.

We are deeply sorry that this happened, and we are in the process of pulling all of these t-shirts from our stores.

Respect for the individual is a core value of our company and we would never have placed this t-shirt on our shelves had we known the origin and significance of this emblem.

We are reviewing our product review process in an effort to ensure this never happens again.


Marshall Manson

If you would like a copy of the above correspondence sent directly to you by Marshall Manson, simply post something on a blog about Nazi’s and Walmart and wait about 30 minutes. I doubt it will take even that long. The very same email sent to me was sent to just about every other blog that posted something about this. Word for word.

The New York Times published an article about Walmart and bloggers. In it they mention Marshall Manson quite frequently. It’s an interesting read.

Marshall Manson asked me if I would post an update to my original post about Walmart and the Nazi shirts. Something about how quickly they responded to the problem once they realized they were selling Nazi swag. I would have no problem doing that, if I felt they had indeed acted upon the information that they were selling Nazi clothing.

The problem is that they haven’t yet done anything about the Nazi shirts.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at a Walmart on my way home for work and found a stack of the same shirts still for sale in the men’s department. My wife also stopped at a different Walmart on her way home from work yesterday. She too found a stack of these Nazi shirts still for sale.

In my opinion, quickly taking care of a problem involves actually taking care of the problem.

Instead of having someone from a PR firm contact bloggers, Walmart should have concentrated on simply removing the shirts from their stores. They could have worried about contacting bloggers after their stores were free of Nazi clothing.

Marshall Manson claimed that because of the size of Walmart, removing the shirts from all the stores might take a day or two. I don’t think so. Walmart could have removed these shirts from every store in a matter of minutes if they actually wanted to. Would they be this lethargically slow if they found out they were selling child porn?

I don’t think so.

I’m more than a little ticked off that because of my post, white supremacists and neo-Nazis are now goose stepping to Walmart to buy these shirts. For example, over at the Resistance Records official website, members of the forum linked to my post and wrote about going to Walmart to buy these shirts. Resistance Records produces white supremacist and neo-Nazi music. It is the same record company behind Prussian Blue, the Nazi version of the Olsen twins.

Prussian Blue

One member of that forum even posted a photo of herself wearing the shirt she bought at Walmart. The shirt she didn’t even know existed until I posted about it on my blog.

I wish Walmart had acted more responsibly and taken care of this situation as soon as it was brought to their attention. Instead they worried more about trying to control the blogosphere then stopping teenage wannabe Nazis from buying Nazi SS shirts in their stores.

The reality is these shirts are so ugly, I doubt anyone was even buying them. Until wannabe Nazis learned about them on my blog.


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  1. Thank you for dealing with this and thank you for your follow-up. Seems to me that Wal-Mart shoud have anticipated this reaction. I wonder if the buyer still has a job at Wal-Mart?

  2. As a former Wal-mart manager, I can tell you that it is really really easy for WM to freeze all sales of these shirts at the register level. This is done from the home office and is done every time that a company has a recall. This is also done on every item that comes in for “blitz” (the day after thanksgiving) so that even if something were put out accidentally it could not be purchased.

    Actually getting them off the shelves requires a little supervision. The department manager/zone supervisor just grabs them off the shelf and takes them to claims. If WM were taking this seriously, it would be on the Compliance Dashboard and require the store or assistant manager to verify that it was done.

    I walked out of WM a few months ago when they continued to make changes that I disagreed with and have not set foot in one since.

  3. Mr. Self,
    I think there’s nothing wrong with playing devil’s advocate and I appreciate and respect your point of view. However, I think the point is that Walmart is selling a nazi(ish) image on an otherwise innoculous tshirt. They’re not selling a nazi image with a clear declaration of what it means. So it isn’t exactly speech, as far as making a statement.

    I figure they probably didn’t screen the designs well enough and now realize their mistake. They know there’s enough grey area and little enough media attention to keep the shirts on the shelves a bit longer, so why not? It’s about money to them. I think it’s disgusting.

    Anyway, Walmart censors music and books, supposedly not to sell offensive items. They choose not to carry items whose exercise of free speech they do not agree with. For instance, would they sell Rage Against the Machine records? Heavens no. But would they sell a tshirt with the image a nazi soldier wore on his uniform as he machinegunned our grandfathers (fathers, brothers, friends, etc). I mean, yeah, you know, for a while, sort of by accident, and then for a while after they found out about the mistake. I guess they have yet to acknowledge those who are offended by nazi imagery.

  4. Your average person has no real idea who the Nazis even were, or where Germany is on a map. A great many of them couldn’t find America on a map for that matter. However, I digress. The shirt in question was probably made in China, possibly by convict labor, and undoubtedly by someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea what the image represents, other than it has a “bad-boy” look, something that they’ve been told sells well in America (Iron Cross on West Coast Chopper wear comes to mind). While I think that Wal-Mart should probably remove the item, I doubt that the company acted maliciously.

  5. Mostpeoplethinkthatthethingstheyknowarerightwhenactuallytheyarewrong

    Its a friggen skull and crossbones for godsakes. Why people attach such silliness to symbols is beyond me. The article called it a “hateful symbol” this kneejerk reaction to anything that someone could say “this was used by the Reich in thier post office where they mailed each other packages wrapped in jew skin!!!” about is ridiculous. People have been programmed to immediately react this way for what reason? It serves no purpose. Facism is here again , this time in the guise of “Tolerance and diversity are double plus good because they are , and nothing you say can change that so you must be a criminal because you say/make/sell something that we find offensive , like bibles.
    Uptight busybody hypocrites , all of you.

  6. These shirts can fall under the category of free speech. The issue here is not whether they’re illegal or not. They could easily be defended. The issue is that clothing with nazi symbols is very offensive and at the least, in very bad taste. And they do go against the American consumer family image they they portray. These shirts should have been pulled immediately, but walmart is dropping the ball for some reason, probably due to either lack of communication or laziness.

  7. However disgusting it is, Today I found this shirt still on the shelves. I found it a week ago and took one to the manager and told them about the problem. ONE WEEK later and nothing has been done. Is it more disturbing that the manager did not follow up or that Wal Mart, after a month has still not done anything?????

  8. I know they don’t teach civics in American high schools any more — and the evidence of that is all over this thread. Nobody apparently taught you charming young people what “free speech” means, or how the First Amendment works — basic concepts that, back in your parents’ generation, they required us to understand before they’d let us out of the eighth grade. Allow me, please….

    Free speech means simply that the government cannot legally induce Wal-Mart to pull the shirts off the shelves. Congress can’t pass a law. The ACLU can’t sue them. That’s it.

    It does NOT mean that people shouldn’t stand up and object when people say things that are ignorant, offensive, hateful, or stupid. In fact, that’s exactly what the Founders expected us to do. In the free marketplace of ideas, we count on good speech to drive out bad. It’s our job to make sure that happens. Staying silent when people are saying stupid shit out of “respect for their rights” is not only misconstruing the nature of that right; it’s harmful to society in the long run, and therefore unpatriotic.

    Wal-Mart has a legal right to sell whatever shirts it pleases. And we have a legal right to call them racist scum, and not ever shop there again. That’s not censorship. It’s not abridging Wal-Mart’s right to do as it wishes. It’s not censorship, because the government’s not involved. They choose; we choose. That’s what free people do.

    However, Wal-Mart’s PR firm is obviously very sensitive to the fact that most Americans find Nazi imagery deeply offensive. Since they’re not eager for Wal-Mart to offend their customer base, so they wisely told their client they’d better get the damned shirts off the shelves. Again: this is not coerced. Nobody’s suing anybody. It’s purely voluntary.

    It’s infuriating that Wal-Mart is dragging its heels on this. It’s this blog’s right to let us know that that’s happening; and our right to respond to that information as we see fit. Everybody’s rights are being respected here. Are we clear? Good.

  9. Bravo, Mrs. Robinson! It truly is amazing how very many people do not understand what free speech, censorship and the First Amendment are all.

    Of course, over the last six years, a very great many of us have also forgotten how American Democracy is supposed to work.

  10. Personally I think it was all just an attempt to target the teen into The Grunge thing and maybe even your local biker. They have been trying to entice the teenagers who think WM clothing was uncool for some time now. Why do people always have to complicate things . And the clothing line is rather cute this year if your thin.

  11. Thank you, Mrs. Robinson. I am old enough to remember civics! But allow me to add that when our founding fathers developed our constitution and bill-of-rights, they had no idea that this country was going to “go to hell in a handbasket.” Yes, we have freedom and choices. But there have also GOT to be LAWS and rules. Without them, you have nothing but CAOS…which is about what we’ve got now, and gets worse every year (thanks to the ACLU!). It’s John’s right to have more metal imbedded into his body than what you can find in today’s vehicles….it’s Mary’s right to go out in public with her pregnant belly exposed…Bob’s right to swear at his 2 year old as he strolls through the electronics department at 1:30 in the morning…Terry’s right to have her breasts falling out of her low cut shirt, and 4 inches of her crack showing every she bends over (on purpose!)….Tony’s right to have satanic and/or sexually explicit pictures tatooed all over his body…THEIR RIGHTS! Well, what about the rights of the decent people who still remember what the words RESPECT,HONOR, MORAL, and DECENCY mean? I am MADE to repect THEIR right to wear satanic/cultish/nazi attire and nudity, but they don’t have to respect MY right to not have to look at it? It’s not just nazi T-shirts that their stocking , but also clothing and jewlery depicting bondage and sex. It’s a FAMILY store, folks, and not one that Mr. Sam would be proud of today! When you walk down the main isle past women’s wear (which you HAVE to in order to get to the shoe department) you’d swear you were in Fredericks of Hollywood! Or has Wal-Mart dropped that slogan (the “Family Store”), too, in the midst of all their recent changes? Let’s face it…they’re going to sell anything to make a buck. They don’t mind offending the people who spend boo-coos each week in their stores. But, they sure as heck don’t want to offend (or anger) the very people that come into Wal-Mart to only “play” and/or rob them blind! That’s how I feel, and IT”S MY RIGHT! Isn’t that how the story goes (ME! ME! ME!!!!)????

  12. I came here via a WakeUp WalMart email. I agree with Mrs. Robinson that free speech means all speech- including that we personally find offensive. However, this isn’t really about free speech. This is about one more example of Wal-Mart hypocrisy and assumptions that the U.S. is populated with uneducated, backward people who have no idea what they’re buying and will buy it as long as it’s “cheap”.

    Unfortunately, some of the comments here prove that assumption. Very sad. Notice that “they’re”= “they are” and “their” is possessive. Also, it’s “beaucoup”, not “boo coos”.

    Wal-Mart stopped being a family store when they put so many families to go on welfare by forcing their good-paying employers out-of-business. Think Levi Strauss and Rubbermaid- just two examples. Of course, those people can go work for Wal-Mart part-time, with low pay and no benefits, but they still have to go to the government for assistance in paying the bills and feeding their kids. And the ACLU protects your right to post to this blog as well as a skinheads right to protest in public square. They advocate for all free speech, not just your brand thereof.

    I’d also like to know how one wears “nudity”.

  13. Lets just try and clear this up.
    Sherry was very, very correct in what she was saying.

    Jenny, your semi-right here as well.

    It all boils down to the fact that we are all human here.

    Answer this..

    Walmart makes their money:
    A) being anti-semantic or semi/subtilely offensive (trying rile up media or what can get attention)
    B) doing what they think is right (and will sell)

    Being marketed towards the family, I think answer A is correct..

    We are all human (including the corporate buyers). God forbid some corporate buyer wasn’t ultra educated in the Nazi symbol field.

    With that said, it HAS been acknowledged, and means to fix it have been made.

    I’m not sure why the items were not register deleted when the problem was made know.
    Either the store manager was behind on his compliance dashboard or either was on vacation and his ast. mgrs didn’t follow through.
    Either way, the walmart company made the effort to make things right…

    my email is

    I am a manager at walmart and would like to discuss any further any questions if they really bother you 🙂

  14. Jon, I don’t know if you are truly a Wal-Mart manager or not, but I guess that isn’t something most people fib about. If you go back and read all of my posts about this, you will see that I originally didn’t fault Wal-Mart for this mistake. Until their representatives began to outright lie to me (and to others) about this.

    Only Wal-Mart knows why they handled this situation the way they did. I think many of these shirts remained on the sales floor until they were purchased by customers. In fact, I get email all the time from people that tell me they still have these shirts at their local Wal-Mart store.

    Either Wal-Mart chose to continue selling these shirts or they have absolutely no control over many of their own stores.

    Are we to believe that if Wal-Mart accidentally stocked t-shirts that showed a picture of Sam Walton along with the words, “SAM WALTON LOVED DONKEY SHOWS”, it would take months to remove the shirts? I highly doubt it. Maybe it’s just me, but I think a corporation such as Wal-Mart would show a little urgency in removing shirts featuring the insignia worn by Nazi SS guards at Auschwitz.

  15. You two know exactly what I meant by the use of the word “nudity”. I probably stepped on your toes. We are all grateful for the 1st ammendment; it was meant to be (and IS) a GOOD thing. We could disagree with our leaders without fear of imprisonment; we could worship God without fear of being put in the stockades (and they MEANT God, Folks, NOT anything else..and there’s not an iota of skepticism in my soul that makes me believe they had anything else in mind BUT God!); so we could live where we want, work where we want, vote how we want. But we’ve allowed that ammendment to be stretched out of proportion and miscontrued – and just like the judicial system – it sides more often with the vile and corrupt than it does the innocent and richeous. Just like I said…no laws + no guidlines = caos. There are consequences to everything, good or bad. But no one thinks about that anymore because todays kids and young adults have been bought up to believe “I am the only one that matters in the world and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and to whoever I want because that’s MY right!” I call it the “ME-Syndrome”. However, we’ve really gotten off the point. Yes, Wal-Mart should pull the shirts. My parents were both WWII vets, and it would sicken my dad (who fought in Germany) to see disrespectful people who don’t have a clue, walking around wearing them. And whether you call it “expressing yourself”, “revolting against the establishment”, or just trying to be “cool” (?!)…it’s not REALLY what this country is all about. Hey…I love Jack Sparrow…..but not what THIS symbol signifies. If your rights were being compromised….you’d feel differently. From some of the responses I’ve read (all 100+!), some need more that just “ME” in their lives.

  16. i thank all this is bull shit i am not a nazi but i like the nazi stuff every mother f***er need to get over the Sh** it is a part of history we shouldn’t forgit it yea and go ahead and call me what you want but we do have a fredom of speach and yea it may offend people but it is something we don’t need to forgit everyone wants to forgit it but we shouldn’t

  17. Ms. Sherry,

    Were you there when the Founding fathers wrote the constitution? Do you have a time machine that allows you to go any-when in history? No? The founding fathers were writing in a context applicable to their time. (No, I don’t have a time machine, but I have common sense.) The term God is ‘normally’ used to refer to the Christian God. Odd that people assume that that was what they meant. Most of the founding fathers were masons. The people on the mayflower were trying to escape religious persecution (being Protestants (Pro-test-ants)) thus the Freedom of Religion amendment in the US Constitution (Remember people that the first 10 amendments are technically the Bill of Rights). This means ANY religion no matter how dispicable or disgusting one may think it is. (Precluding the murder of someone Human or animal, murder it murder.)

    As to the T-shirts, symbols are used all the time to mean different things. I am NOT defending the Nazis and what they did ( I personally thing it is abominable that there are still people out there that believe in the Nazi regime and its ‘ethics’ (I use the word lightly)). However, if one does look at the way that particular symbol is used they might find it has saved their child’s life at one time or another. When in primary school children are taught to look for this symbol on containers to determine if the contents are poisonous. ( At least when I was in primary school that happened.) If found to NOT open or drink the contents. (I think some people did anyway but what does a graphic artist know?)

    This symbol also, as pseudo referenced by you, does refer to the pirates and privateers of history. (Although, I do think that Walmart should have it flying in front of their stores now to warn people about who they really are…maybe that’s why they are not pulling the shirts off the shelves…This goes for Circuit City as well).

    Anyway the Nazi’s (like the swastika, originally a wheel of the year from the Nordic Culture, only flipped backwards (Adoph Hitler was obsessed with the Thor’s hammer and anything related to the Nordic culture – blonde hair, blue eyes)) stole symbology from anything that they could get their murderous little piggy hands on. Never mind the fact that Hitler had a jewish father, was addicted to multiple drugs (hitler not his father), and a paranoid psyco with WAAAAAY too much power in his hands. Do not get me wrong, I think that they should have killed him in his crib.

    Let me remind people also that America during WWII (please do correct me on this if I am quoting the wrong war) put multple people of Asian decent into ‘camps’ to ‘keep them safe’. BS. These were AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! and they were treated like crap because of their race. Isn’t that (on a basic level…yes I know WE didn’t do mass murders…that we know of) what the Nazis did? Hold people with out cause or consent? (Again, apart of that thing called the Bill of Rights.)

    Thankfully we do have freedom of speech otherwise a lot more people here would be sentanced for treason. (Me, included). If you really want a scary view of what could happen (and have not watched it already) V- for Vendetta. While a violently dark movie makes the point of a government with too much power is not a government at all … it is a Dictatorship.

    Also, if no one knows – Our current president (it is rumored) was apart of the “Skull and Bones” club when at Yale, just like his father. Now what do you think about that?


  18. @pinque – To be fair, George W. Bush only joined the “Skull and Bones” club when at Yale because he thought it had to do with the whole Pirate vs Ninjas controversy. It’s no secret that Bush hates Ninjas.

  19. ok listen up for all of you who are reading this ok i see that what you are saying is that this is SS but at least it is better than walking around with 2 big S’s on the shirt right? also i am saying that i have been to stores called the bazzar that actally sell swasticka stickers and nazi flag and oil paintings of hitler and rommel but the fact is that some people are anti semitic and wat to buy this stuff. yes it is protected by the constution it is freedom of expression. for example the kkk walk down the street wearing their robes and the fact is we cant stop them because they are protected by the constution . if wal mart wants to sell nazi stuff go ahead it is the fact that the nazis left an impression in history and some people want to maket their product.

  20. sometimes, “a log… really is…. just ..a log”.
    what some people apply meaning to, doesn’t mean it is so to others.
    and no one owns any symbol.

    some symbols do have lots of bad stuff connected with them.
    the nazi swastika (the reverse of an ancient symbol in many different cultures throughout the world, which is why some people freak out upon seeing the other ones), the letters kkk in the US, are only two.

    that said,
    the ss skull most likely was there on purpose.
    it is everything wal mar stands for.
    guns for the christian militias to protect the walton heirs in
    the moated homesteads. they believe in a sick delusional
    bent that feebily attempts to justify oligarchy as some how
    ‘natural’ and their peasants having no rights to organize democratically. they’d rather shut down an entire store than
    to allow a mere 5 workers to unionize and spread the poison
    of a ‘good example’ (bad examply in their eyes).
    these people are sick. they need help and are really only
    human. it was just by ‘fate’ they were born into the minority
    class. but they’re still humans who can change.
    pulling the shirts (probably the right thing to do given the obvious carbon copy ss deseign), even if a random deseign by some shirt
    maker on the cheap, is only a demostration of their values:
    $ or none

  21. Anti_Christ-Superstar

    Do you know if you can still get these shirts, I would like to get my hands on one of them, when else can you say you got a shirt like that at wal-mart

  22. Hey guys we killed thousands of Navajos, Souix, Apache, and Miami Indians. Walmart still sell shirts with the American flag on it. Maybe you oughta tell em about that too. The evil ba@#$#ds. Walmart’s real crime is in bringing monopolistic practices back into a free economy and the effects are starting to show. Enjoy the gas prices, China is currently paying 88 cents a gallon while driving to what was once your job, which Walmart helped to farm out because you made too much money doing it.

  23. Oh shoot, I’m sorry they are paying 1.32 now LMAO. We’ll never see that price again either. Thank Bill Clinton for free trade, and thank GW for exploiting Bill’s mistake. That statement is what free speech is all about. Free speech has nothing to do with condoning crimes against humanity. That is where the Nazi symbol becomes more than a statement. However, it seems as though the original poster wasthe only one aware of the symbol anyway, So, maybe you are digging a little too deep bud. The thing you will learn is that most white supremist are stupid, it takes someone with an education to tell them what symbols to follow. You can thank yourself for waking up that sleeping dog.

  24. Honestly. White supremacy is for young and undereducated white kids. The real deal is contained in the book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”… Awesome read. Especially for those who don’t like skinheads. The riech is alive. And if the President of the United States can openly admit his ties through not only his membership to he bones, but with his grandfathers contributions to the Nazi political machine as well, it should be o.k. for Walmart ot sell them.

    Honestly, by telling them what they can and can’t sell, you are, by definition my friend, probably more of a nazi than than the people wearing the shirt.

  25. Honestly, by telling them what they can and can’t sell, you are, by definition my friend, probably more of a nazi than than the people wearing the shirt.

    Hey numb nuts, I never told Wal-Mart what they could or could not sell. They make a big deal about not selling certain things (i.e. books, music, etc) because of content, but they go ahead and sell t-shirts adorned with the insignia worn by the prison guards at Auschwitz. The fact is that even though they claimed it was an accident and promised to remove the t-shirts, they continued selling these shirts for over a year after they learned the history of this particular image.

    So go screw yourself.

  26. I collect wwII stuff and this is not a Waffen Schutzstaffel or nazi, original insigne or close to it. It looks like some one drew a crapy skull and bones and put on a t shirt. The sad thing is it looks like some one made another one on a patch and said it was an original ss division patch! Show me proof that Particular picture was used on SS patches hats flags or uniforms. Screw Nazi’s!!!!! YOU are making this to big of a deal!


  28. What i don’t understand is why this is such an offensive thing. it’s just a T-Shirt and in our everyday society we have come to cherish and rely on one important Nazi creation. we went to Europe in the 1940s to destroy the tyranny of hitler and other facist leaders. what we did, was brought back some of their ideas and implemented them into the everyday running of our own country. anyone ever heard of Social Security? yep a nazi creation, and our government happily snatched it up and incorporated it into everyday life here in the land of the free. That’s right i’m free to go to work everyday and give the government MY money to take care of YOU because you YOU may go drink YOUR money away everyday and have nothing to live on when you retire, therefore i have to give you a portion of MY money that I worked for so YOU can survive. damn ain’t the nice of me. and you’re empty, narrow, closed, little mind wants to bitch about a picture on a T-shirt and what it stands for. i think someone needs to get their priorities straight and point their misguided delusions in a different direction.

  29. @The Logical one:

    anyone ever heard of Social Security? yep a nazi creation, and our government happily snatched it up and incorporated it into everyday life here in the land of the free.

    Ah, no. Social Security was created in 1935 by Congress and signed into law by President Roosevelt. It’s as American as baseball or the Internet.

  30. You know what really angers me? That the sanctimonious witch hunters here who are crying over an SS skull on a t-shirt are the same lefties who will never utter a peep over the TONS of “Che Guevara” and red star Communist symbols to be found on many t-shirts and fashion goods these days. It seems as though Communist symbols are just A-OK and “cool, man”. Ask yourselves why the double standard? Is it just because the Nazis persecuted a protected minority, but the Communists worldwide killed, tortured, and repressed people who didn’t accept their Marxist worldview? I guess that is just fine right, because it was all done in the name of “equality” “anti capitalism” and “anti racism”. Yep, and Communism killed MILLIONS more people than German Nazism ever dreamed of, but they don’t matter because they weren’t Jews, right? God damned hypocrites!

    I really hate you scumbags who wear the red star. People I love and care about were persecuted and killed by the Communists, and yet American kids wear around the hammer and sickle or the red star and no one says a damn thing to them. What a messed up society we live in…

  31. @Mason: I don’t know who you are referring to. I hate communism and/or communists even more than I hate fat free mayonnaise or country music. Though I’ve never seen a kid walking around wearing a hammer and sickle on his or her t-shirt, I have seen more than a few people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. My guess is the people that wear that crap have no idea what it represents or who Che Guevara even was.

    With all that said, if I saw a t-shirt for sale at Wal-Mart that featured a hammer and sickle instead of the Totenkopf, I don’t think I’d take a picture of it or blog about it. The reason? Well, most of the stuff sold in Wal-Mart is made in communist countries to begin with. Putting the hammer and sickle on their products would actually be factually accurate.

  32. Hi everyone, I know YouTube video includes fewer bytes of memory due to that its quality is poor, except this YouTube video has enormous picture quality.

  33. Okay, I thought this was still a “free” country and I know that I’m going to get flack for this but the last time I looked we still had freedom of speech and the freedom to purchase whatever kind of clothing we want to buy! Doesn’t look like to me that is a Nazi t-shirt at all! What we want to buy is our business and our business alone. I do not like the Nazi wanna be comment one bit because I so happen to be a German American and I’m damn proud of it! Just because I am, does not make me one at all. So next time before anyone writes a blog, do your research first! This appalls me as a citizen.. to think some people here in the U.S. are so ignorant! Yes it’s my opinion, oh but wait for it, it’s called Freedom of Speech.. take it or leave it!

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