If only we treated voting like we do allergy medication

On Thursday, November 3, I went to Target to pick up some non-drowsy 24-hour allergy medication. Even though it was over the counter medication, I had to give the pharmacist my drivers license. She then scanned it into a computer so that it could be entered into a national database.

The drug contains pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients of crystal meth. Meth is both addictive and illegal. This makes the manufacturing of crystal meth highly profitable. When you buy any medicine with pseudoephedrine in it, your information gets scanned into a national database.

I purchased a box of 15 extended release tablets. That means I will not be allowed to buy any other medication containing pseudoephedrine for 15 days.

Later that same day, I went to the early voting center and voted. Before the poll worker gave me my ballot, I had to tell her my name, address, and the day and month of my birthday. She then compared my information to the contents of a giant book that looked like is was made from a computer printout. I don’t know when someone printed the information out. I don’t know how up-to-date the information was that was in this giant book.

I didn’t have to provide the poll worker my driver’s license so she could scan it into a national database. I was able to vote without even proving who I was.

If voting is important, then why don’t we treat it with the same level of security that we use for buying pseudoephedrine?

I think it’s insane that we don’t have to show an ID to vote. If we treated voting as important, at the very least we should have to show our ID before getting a ballot. It would make it easier for poll workers if they could look at our name and address on our driver’s license before consulting their giant book. Because we insist on using the honor system when voting, you have to spell your name for the poll worker.

It’s not a very efficient way of doing things.

States have been trying to pass voter ID laws so that people will have to prove their identity before casting a ballot. Democrats have been fighting against these statutes saying that it would disenfranchise some people, that these laws are racist. I don’t get that. Who doesn’t have ID? Democrats also point to the lack of actual voter fraud as a reason not to have these laws.

Is it racist to make someone show ID when buying allergy medication? Then why would it be any different when voting?

Before we can say that we don’t have a voter fraud problem in this country, we would need first to find out who is voting. In reality, we have no idea how much voter fraud is currently taking place because we don’t verify that people are who they say they are when casting a ballot.

Our voting system is a faith-based system. We just trust people to tell the truth when they identify themselves when it comes to voting. We have faith that people are voting for themselves and not other registered voters. If there’s one thing we know at this point in human history, people don’t always tell the truth. People lie all the time.

If voting is important, we sure don’t act like it.

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