Valve receives an “F” from the Better Business Bureau

Valve Corporation, maker of video games and the popular Steam digital distribution service, received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB isn’t a government organization, but a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing marketplace trust, or something like that.

Essentially, people complain to the BBB about businesses and based on all sorts of criteria, they take the appropriate  action. This action may  include a sternly written letter to the offending business or in the case of Valve, assigning the business a letter grade.

Why did Valve get an “F” from the BBB? According to the BBB, they got a failing grade because of the following reasons:

  • 748 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 537 complaint(s) filed against business
  • 17 complaint(s) filed against business that were not resolved
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints

Also a contributing factor to this failing grade I’m sure, but not listed as a bullet point, is that Valve is not a member of the BBB. My guess is that if Valve were a paying member to the BBB, the grade would be vastly different.

I guess this means Valve will now have to go to summer school, which really sucks for Valve, because I heard it was planning on doing some really cool things this summer, including a station wagon trip to Yosemite with the family.

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