Some Uber and Lyft drivers are going on strike today

Some Uber and Lyft drivers are going on strike today - Bent Corner

Uber and Lyft are in the news. Once again, it’s not for something good. Some drivers are planning to strike today.

Like the recent strike in Los Angeles, this one is being spearheaded by Rideshare Drivers United. Like the strike in Los Angeles, I’m not participating in today’s strike. I’m going out today to drive like I do most weekdays. I may even go out earlier and stay out later than I normally do.

I do not support the goals of the strike

Rideshare Drivers United is demanding Uber and Lyft change to incorporate a lot of silly, moronic things that they will thankfully never do. These things include:

  1. 10% commission cap for Uber & Lyft.
  2. Pay drivers per mile & per minute rate en route to the passenger.
  3. Set hourly minimum pay matching New York City’s $27.86 per hour before expenses.
  4. Include a gas-price indexed surcharge in fare.
  5. Uber & Lyft recognition of Rideshare Drivers United to negotiate on behalf of drivers.
  6. Rideshare vehicle cap to eliminate unnecessary traffic & carbon emissions.
  7. Emission standards for all new vehicles added to the platforms.
  8. Uber & Lyft must share all vehicle data with local authorities for traffic management.

All their demands are listed on their official website.

Who is Rideshare Drivers United?

Nobody really knows. The people who created the group are supposedly rideshare drivers in Los Angeles. By looking at their demands and at what they are doing, I would not be surprised if they were an astroturf organization created by lobbyists for the taxi industry. The taxi industry would benefit greatly if Uber and Lyft adopted Rideshare Drivers United’s demands.

Unlike many of the folks striking today, I enjoy driving for Uber and Lyft. There are things I wish Uber and Lyft would change, but these things are not worth going on strike for. None of the things I would like changed are proposed by Rideshare Drivers United.

Here is a list of the things I would like to see Uber and Lyft incorporate:

  1. Include a real photo of the passenger’s face in the app.
  2. Include the passenger’s real first name in the app.
  3. Stop allowing passengers to request a pickup somewhere it is not legal or safe to stop your vehicle.
  4. Shorten the five-minute passenger no-show window.

These things would make driving for Uber and Lyft better.

Rideshare driving is not for everyone

Driving for Uber and Lyft is the best “job” I’ve had since getting out of the Air Force in 1994. Generally, I’ve had some terrible jobs over the years. Rideshare driving works for me. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I enjoy meeting new people. Also getting someone where they need to go in a safe and pleasant manner gives me job satisfaction. I take people to work, to the doctor, to the hospital to visit loved ones, and lots of other places people need to go. Furthermore, I enjoy paying my mortgage. I feel as though what I do has meaning.  There’s honor in working and doing a job right. There’s also honor in paying your bills. I strive to be the best rideshare driver I can be, to provide excellent service to my passengers.

Striking today because some faceless group tells me to doesn’t work for me. It would not help me accomplish the things I want to do.

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