YouTuber says very few Uber drivers have ‘any self-respect or dignity’

YouTuber says very few Uber drivers have 'any self-respect or dignity' - Bent Corner

The Apptrepreneur (government name Kevin Rodriguez) is a YouTuber who makes videos about driving for Uber and Lyft. Like many other people making these types of videos, he doesn’t actually drive for either rideshare platform. He used to, but not anymore.

I watched the beginning of his most recent video yesterday. I had to tap out after the four-minute mark. He said the following about people who drive for Uber:

I mean very few people, I’m not gonna say nobody because I know it’s not true, but there’s very few people with any self-respect or dignity that do this now.

According to The Apptrepreneur, since I drive for Uber, chances are I don’t have self-respect or dignity. That’s kind of rich coming from a guy who asks for Patreon donations.

I drive for Uber because doing so works for me. Because of my various health problems, if I worked a regular job, I’d probably get let go for attendance fairly quickly. With Uber, I can take as much time off as I need without having to worry about getting frog-marched to HR and let go. I can log out of the Uber app anytime I want without the threat of termination. If I need time off to see a doctor or have a test done, I can do so without getting permission from an employer. The same is true if I wake up not feeling great. I just don’t log in that day.

I drive for Uber because I have self-respect and dignity

No one should ever be made to feel their work is undignified or not worthy of respect. There is honor in work. I’ve worked since I was 15-years-old. I’ll probably work until I die.

When I’m driving for Uber, I drive people where they need to go in a safe and professional manner. My vehicle is clean and well-maintained. I take pride in the service I provide.

The Apptrepreneur aka Kevin Rodriguez.

I don’t know why The Apptrepreneur would say something so ignorant and insulting on YouTube, especially when you consider he classifies himself as an “UberTuber.”

Telling his audience of Uber drivers he thinks very few of them have self-respect or dignity seems like a very bad idea.

The Apptrepreneur made the video and then edited it. Then, he posted it to his channel. He had every opportunity to remove the dopey comment from his video, yet chose not to do so.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

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