Uber drivers in Los Angeles are planning a 25-hour strike

Uber drivers in Los Angeles are planning a 25-hour strike - Rick Rottman

Uber drivers in Los Angeles are losing their collective minds. At least some of them. As a way of protesting new rate fees Uber is rolling out in Los Angeles and Orange County, drivers there are going on a 25-hour strike beginning midnight tonight. Why a 25-hour strike? Because Uber is lowering the per mile fee from 80 cents to 60 cents, a 25 percent decrease.

Rideshare Drivers United is spearheading the strike. Not only are they calling for a 25-hour Uber driver strike, but they are also calling for Lyft drivers to strike too. They have a list of demands on their website along with the following:

The 2800-member organization demands that rideshare giant Uber reverse their announcement of a 25 percent wage cut and demands that all rideshare platforms guarantee drivers a $28 per hourly minimum rate.

That statement is not true. Uber is not cutting wages 25 percent. They are cutting the per mile rate 25 percent. The two are not the same. Although Uber is decreasing the per mile rate, they’re increasing the per minute rate. Currently, drivers in Los Angeles and Orange County make 16 cents per minute. The per minute fee will increase to 21 cents. That represents a 31.25 percent increase.

Why isn’t Rideshare Drivers United mentioning that on their website?

I have a theory

Uber drivers in Los Angeles are planning a 25-hour strike - Rick Rottman

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rideshare Drivers United was run by people involved in the taxi industry. You have to admit, the taxi industry would stand to benefit greatly by any unnecessary Uber and Lyft driver drama.  Rideshare Drivers United wants Lyft drivers to strike to even though they’re not changing what they pay drivers. This fact, coupled with the fact the organization is run by anonymous people making inaccurate claims, makes me suspicious.

Rideshare driving is not for everyone

I appreciate having rideshare driving as an option to earn money. Because of health issues, I’m not able to hold a conventional job with set hours and set days. I would end up missing so much time, I would be on permanent double-probation for my poor attendance. With Uber and Lyft, I’m able to call my own hours. I drive when it is convenient for me. I can start when I want to and more importantly, I can stop when I want to.

I have my business doing freelance website work.  Some days I don’t drive at all because those duties take up all of my time.

Rideshare driving works for me. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

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