Twitter block bots are stupid and I hate them

Twitter block bots are stupid and I hate them - Bent Corner

I discovered yesterday that I’ve been blocked on Twitter by yet another person, Melissa Morgue of The Feminist Fangirl YouTube channel. Since I’ve done nothing nefarious towards her or anyone else for that matter, I can only assume she’s using a block bot and blocking anyone who follows Diversity & Comics

I was able to subscribe to her YouTube channel yesterday, but I noticed this morning that I was no longer subscribed. Either there was some kind of glitch that removed me as her subscriber, or she manually unsubscribed me. I’m assuming YouTube content creators can do that, unsubscribe people.

Even if a YouTube content creator can block people from subscribing to their videos, why would they want to? I’m assuming Melissa Morgue has a message and she wants that message to get out to the public.

Don’t preach to the choir, preach to the wretched heathens who don’t agree with you

The choir is made up of people who already agree with you.

From the title of her channel, I’m almost certain she and I disagree on some issues. There’s nothing wrong with that. I can listen to people who don’t agree with. In fact, I like to listen to people with views that don’t mesh with mine. It helps confirm my own opinions or if presented with enough persuasive evidence, it forces me to change my mind.

I try to base my opinions on the available evidence. When presented with new evidence that I find persuasive, I’m not only willing to change my mind, I want to change my opinion.

Back in the early 1990s, I was in the Air Force and stationed in upstate New York. I’d listen to The Rush Limbaugh Show each and every day at work. I didn’t agree with most of what Limbaugh had to say, but I enjoyed the high production values of the show. I appreciated hearing contrary opinions to my own. The night of the 1992 presidential election, I went out and cast my vote for Bill Clinton. I probably listened to Rush Limbaugh that very same day. Nothing Limbaugh said on his radio show swayed me into voting for George H. W. Bush. Rush Limbaugh failed to change my mind. I voted for the sexual predator from Arkansas.

I think I would be the perfect audience for Melissa Morgue’s content. I’m more than willing to give her the opportunity to change my mind about things. I gave Rush Limbaugh that opportunity. Who does she want as an audience for her content, only people who agree with her?

That seems like a massive waste of time on her part.

I am not an anonymous troll

I make a point of treating people on Twitter the way I want to be treated. My twitter account not only contains my full name, it even has a current photo as my profile pic. The same is true on YouTube. When I post comments on YouTube, I post them as me. I am not anonymous.

I think that’s why it bothers me when I’m blocked on Twitter. I’ve done nothing to deserve it. If you feel the need to use a block bot on Twitter and you’re blocking someone like me, you’re doing it wrong.

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