Turns out not all doctors suck

I started seeing a new primary care physician today. I decided it was time to find a new doctor after an unpleasant incident the last time I went for the three-month diabetic check-up. When I showed up for my appointment, I was told that I needed to fill out all my forms again. When I asked why I had to do this, I was told that it was their policy that patients fill out new forms every year. The form asked all the regular questions: name, address, medical conditions, insurance, employer, next of kin, my favorite Star Trek captain, yada, yada, yada.

I hate filling out forms, especially when it’s not necessary.

When I tried to explain to the person working the front desk that none of my information has changed and having me fill out these forms was a complete waste of everyone’s time, the before mentioned office manager swooped in and told me that even when people think their information did not change, it often has. Case in point, the insurance information. She said people’s insurance information changes, and they don’t even realize it until they fill out their forms again. I pointed out that this is not necessary since my insurance card is photocopied by them each time I come in.

She didn’t like this answer. She told me that I would still need to fill out the forms. When I began to question the logic in this, she put her hand in the air with her palm facing out and walked away.

She showed me the hand.

I realized then and there that I didn’t want to be a patient there anymore. So I left.

Later that day, I wished I had just done what I was told and filled out the forms again. I have type II diabetes. Blood tests have to be done, and drugs have to be prescribed.

It’s not like I can score Metformin on Jonathon street. Then again, I never tried.

So today I saw my new doctor for the first time and I was shocked by how much I liked him. He was unlike most of the doctors I’ve seen lately. We went over my medications and took me off one of them and increased the dosage of another. He also explained clearly and concisely how my medications work.

He was also very nice and friendly. Imagine that. A doctor who isn’t a jerk.

An added plus, I barely had to fill out any forms. The form ask for only the essential information. It probably only took me a minute to fill out the form and sign it.

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