Turns out clothes sold by Unionmade aren’t made by union workers

Turns out clothes sold by Unionmade aren't made by union workers- Bent CornerUnionmade, a San Francisco-based clothier that sells upscale, trendy crap to hipsters with too much money, was sent a cease-and-desist letter by AFL-CIO, the country’s leading organized labor group. In the letter, they state that the company’s name is misleading and causes people to believe that its $225 cotton hoodies are in fact made by unionized American workers. In reality, they’re usually not.

What’s next, clothes sold at Old Navy are not authentic military surplus?

Companies lie to and mislead consumers all the time. It’s what they do. Anyone who cares about wearing clothing made by American, unionized workers know they need to look for the union label. In olden times there used to be TV commercials telling people to do just that. Those commercials don’t run anymore and I doubt they ever will. Clothing isn’t made by union workers anymore. It’s no use to tell consumers to look for labels that don’t exist.

Imagine how expensive clothing would be if it was made by Americans earning a fair, living wage. A pair of Air Jordans would probably cost around $175. Wait a minute, they already are.

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