Trump’s first State of the Union

Trump's first State of the Union - Bent Corner

I only watched a couple of minutes of last night’s State of the Union speech by President Donald J. Trump. Everything I needed to know about our union’s current state I learned in the first minute. Our president is Donald J. Trump, failed casino proprietor and reality TV personality.

One look at the podium told me the state of our union is bad.

Trump also seems to be a racist bigot. Then again, he’s a 71-year-old man from New York City. Racism and bigotry seem like natural conditions for old men from New York City. Generally, that’s one of the reasons you don’t want people like him in charge of anything.

But Donald J. Trump is in charge. He’s the president of the United States.

I don’t care what Trump has to say unless it’s that he’s stepping down so that Vice President Mike Pence can be sworn in as the 46th President. If he’s not going to say that, what does it matter?

Trump's first State of the Union - Bent Corner
Vice President Mike Pence

Trump will say something the complete opposite today, tomorrow, or next week from what he said last night. Last night he was reading a written speech off a teleprompter. We’ve already discovered that Teleprompter Trump isn’t that bad. It’s Twitter Trump and off-the-cuff Trump we have a problem with.

The state of our union is bad because we have a moron as president. That’s all anyone needs to know. No words are necessary.

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