A total ban on bump stocks?

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, it looks like Democrats are finally going to push for an outright ban on firearms. Just kidding. Instead of joining the rest of the industrialized free world and banning the personal ownership of firearms, the Democrats have set their sights on banning bump stocks.

A bump stock is something that allows a semi-automatic rifle to become a fully automatic rifle. Sort of. It’s something that is currently legal and something most Democrats didn’t know existed until a couple of days ago.

Why I left the Democratic party

The Democratic party is run by a bunch of powerless, spineless cowards. We need to join the rest of the free world and make the private ownership of firearms illegal. Gun control does not work. It has not worked. Gun control will not work in the future.

We all know that.

The Democrats are more concerned with DACA and Dreamers, citizens of other countries who do not vote here than they are in ensuring all Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Guns and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness do not mix. Guns create a hostile environment to living your life and enjoying liberty. It’s hard to be happy or even try to be when almost anyone can legally buy a gun and murder you.

I’m less concerned about bump stocks than I am the thing they are attached to, the actual gun.


I’ve reconsidered my opinion on gun ownership.

2 thoughts on “A total ban on bump stocks?”

  1. I disagreed Rick. I don’t own a gun. I do have a concealed handgun license and yes, I’m a card carrying NRA member. I don’t particularly like guns but I understand why someone would want to own one. Banning guns will not make the world a safer place. Look at Chicago, the harshest gun laws in the country and also the most crime. The legal gun owners I know are not like the wackos that perpetrate mass murder. We live in an evil world and I think every American has the right to protect themselves and their family. The criminals that want guns are going to find a way to get them regardless of laws.

    1. Chicago is a prime example of why guns need to be outlawed. Chicago cannot enforce gun laws because guns flood in from other states. Gun control doesn’t work. It’s a lesson every other country in the industrialized world has learned, yet we somehow cannot understand it.

      The guy who killed 58 people in Las Vegas wasn’t a wacko. He was a law abiding citizen with no history of mental health history. He just decided he was going to kill a bunch of people enjoying a concert. That’s not right.

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