The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions

The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions. That’s right. The Raptors are the kings of basketball.

Not only did the Raptors win the championship, but they also did so by beating the Golden State Warriors in six games. The Warriors are the team of this decade. They have gone to the last five NBA Finals. Granted, the Warriors were visited hard by the injury fairy this year, but injuries are part of sports. As long as the players are comprised of ligaments, muscles, and bone, they will get hurt. Plus, going to the NBA Finals five years in a row takes a toll on players. They have less of an off-season to heal and reset.

I do not have a favorite NBA team

I was born and raised in Southen California. Because of that fact, I had a favorite NBA team that corresponded to my geographical upbringing. Now that I’m older and there are thousands of miles between my current home in Maryland and my former home in Los Angeles, the team of my youth is not the team of my late adulthood. Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I say it makes your brain work more clearly. When I now look at my former favorite NBA team, I see nothing but a freakshow. That feeling gets stronger with each passing year.

There are teams I like, teams I do not like, and teams I hate. I just don’t have an overall favorite team. That said, I’ve always liked the Toronto Raptors. They’ve never been a team I hated or even disliked.

Kawhi Leonard named Finals MVP

The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions - Bent Corner
Kawhi Leonard

This is the second time Leonard has been named Finals MVP. The first was when he lead the San Antonio Spurs over LeBron James’ Miami Heat for the NBA Championship in 2014. Leonard is now a free agent. He is now free to take his basketball playing skills any team he wishes. He could also choose to resign with the Toronto Raptors. No matter what he decides to do, he will make his money. If he decides to stay in Toronto, he instantly transforms himself into Canada’s favorite (adopted) son. He brought an NBA championship to Canada. The endorsement deals he could create would be limitless.

If I was Kawhi Leonard, I would stay in Canada.

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