Tim Brazeal removes the FedconUSA message forum

FedconUSA convention promoter Tim Brazeal has begun the impossible task of purging all incriminating evidence against him and his company by deleting the entire message board at FedconUSA.

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Tim Brazeal
Tim Brazeal

Not that I am surprised Tim Brazeal is doing this. He pulled the plug on the show after it had already begun. I’m only surprised he waited this long to take the message board down. Most of the people posting to the FedconUSA forum were highly pissed off over what had been done to them.

I only wish the people who attended FedconUSA had picked somewhere other than the FedconUSA website to be ground zero for their angst. Specifically, a website Tim Brazeal couldn’t remove. Hopefully, one of them will quickly register a site and create a quick I.P. Board forum to replace the one Tim Brazeal removed.

These people have every right to be angry.

2 thoughts on “Tim Brazeal removes the FedconUSA message forum”

  1. I was a member of TU and left 18 months ago after catching Tim & his wife as well as some staff members in one lie after another, I cant believe the way the few active members they have, will defend them to the end, it makes me think that they are just as crooked. When I left they had 3500 member and only 300 active, I have been in touch with over a dozen X-TU folks who left for the same reason I did, they had been lied to and bullied by forum mods, I know of another dozen who were kicked out for speaking up when they saw problems, the internet needs an online police dept, to shut down abusive sites like TU, oh they seem warm and friendly on the surface, but are full of abusive staff who tell lies.

    Hope TU gets shut down!!!!!!!

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