This is why some people think Lance Armstrong is a cheat

I‘ve seen this ad appear on various websites the last few days. It’s some type of drink that allows the user to fight off tiredness and fatigue without taking a nap.

In other words, it’s cheat juice.

Feeling tired is just your body’s way of letting you know you need some sleep. The more tired you are, the more sleep you need. There is no substitute for sleep. Not only does it combat tiredness and fatigue better then anything else, it’s completely natural.

I don’t know what goes in a bottle of FRS, but I know it’s not as natural as good old-fashioned sleep.

Quite a few people believe that Lance Armstrong cheated when he won all those Tour de France titles. He denies it. In fact, he gets quite adamant about it. I would be more inclined to believe him if he didn’t do stuff like endorse a product like FRS.

If he’s going to endorse a special potion that staves off fatigue, why wouldn’t he use blood doping to get an edge?

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  1. I just had a look at the website, The stuff is basically V by another name, it has B group vitamins, caffeine and some antioxidants, not even that miracle plant guarana. Per can there is about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and it is the caffeine that makes you feel awake, the other stuff is just fluff, we have no idea how effective vitamins and antioxidants are as individual ingredients rather than being part of food.

    So anyone who uses or endorses energy drinks is far more likely to be a cheat than someone who doesn’t. Try telling that to your co-workers around the coffee pot tomorrow morning, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

    Maybe try some research before attempting to besmirch someone’s good name because it might look a bit suss to you.

  2. Jimbo: What part of no tested evidentiary proof don’t you understand?

    Rick: All personalities and personal feelings aside, he was never conclusively proven of cheating and therefore he has a good name, he may be a jerk with a good name, but a good name just the same.

  3. Katie, if he is going to recommend a product that makes people feel less tired and not have fatigue, its not too hard to believe that he wouldn’t object to using a technique that would increase his level of red blood cells. In other words, blood doping.

  4. What about Powerbars, are they for cheaters because they contain sugar that gives you energy? FRS is merely juice with some extra antioxidants, it’s not a drug.

    (It doesn’t matter to me what you think about Lance, I just don’t see how food can be compared to blood doping.)

  5. look athletes have been using everything to boost performance since the greeks and there olympiads- and probably prior to that- this jerk who was a frient of mine who one an international competion eons ago- said let them take anything they want- ihe just wants to see amazing performances- so the best juiced up athlete wins- so what- i believe in some sports- one with the right approach- as an individual- everybodies different- can win win and even dominate without special substances- and in other sports- near impossible- why make pro- sports a legal issue- which it’s becoming- an let the best druggie win

  6. I wonder if Lance knows about FRS business tactics, if he does, then I am suspicious of him and his wins (and scandals). The trial is not really FREE. Read the fine print and they set you up with an auto order every month for ~$65 charge to your credit card. It even starts before you may even receive the FREE trial packets and not even have time to try it out and see the results, if any. Very shady. When i called to cancel, they said their computers were down and they took my info and would call me back. Days go by and they never did and I had to call again to cancel. They don’t allow you to cancel online.

  7. “Quite a few people believe that Lance Armstrong cheated when he won all those Tour de France races. He denies it. In fact, he gets quite adamant about it. I would be more inclined to believe him if he didn’t do stuff like endorse a product like FRS. It doesn’t make sense that a guy who wouldn’t use blood doping to get an edge would endorse a product like this.”

    I would agree with you here but we are talking about cycling. The pro’s are on these bikes 4-5 hours a day pushing themselves on the tours. The cycling organizations do not ban these products so it could not even be relevant to cheating. Without some form of energy supplement, they would not make the 100+ mile rides they make. There are strict regulations against doping and all forms of cheating in these races. Its sad that we often belittle someones hard work and training and call it cheating.

  8. Every body wanted armstrong to be the legend he could have never been without the enhancing drugs… unforunately he is not.
    Why do you think he is even afraid of going to Le tour? Why do you think he was rejected by one of the major teams and Contador didn’t want to run on his side? Why do you think Greg Lemond has called his “cancer come back” the major fraud in sports history? Why do you think there is a book called LA confidential that acuses him of dopping and he could not refute any of the allegations written there? Armstrong is A FRAUD!!
    If he endorsed this juice is because of MONEY! and unfotunately that’s what runs this country and we have to get it in any way… right Mr Amstrong? (by the way; “katie” might be Armstrnog.. or his lawyer)

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