This is why I never pursued a career in avionics

This is why I never pursued a career in avionics - Bent Corner

Even though I spent nearly ten years in the United States Air Force working on airplanes and I have an associate’s degree in avionics, I’ve never tried to get a job in aerospace. This is exactly why.

From today’s Herald-Mail:

Northrop Grumman on Thursday warned its entire workforce of 180 employees at its facility north of Hagerstown that they could be laid off within 60 days, a company spokeswoman said.

“No new work is coming in right now. We’re hoping work will come in, in the fall,” said Leah Smith, the company’s media relations manager.

Northrop Grumman’s local operation is on Showalter Road near Hagerstown Regional Airport.

Company officials were trying to determine if employees can be placed at other Northrop Grumman sites, but did not know Thursday how many could be transferred and how many could be laid off, Smith said.

I feel bad for the folks about to get laid off. It wasn’t that long ago that Northrop Grumman was actively hiring people at the Hagerstown Regional Airport. And now they are giving them the boot.

Northrop Grumman made over $1.7 billion in profits last year, most if not all, of that money coming from the American taxpayer.

Aren’t defense contractors great?

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  1. My ma works for Vought down here, but the facility used to be owned by Northrup Grumman and than Grumman before that. My grandfather was transfered down here (Stuart, Florida) by Grumman in the 60’s so I’ve grown up with the industry as a big part of my life. Growing up around that caused me to fall in love with aircraft when I was younger. Between touring the facilities and even just walking through the reception area and seeing all the posters and models along the walls, it was amazing for me.

  2. @Ryan, yes, I know what you mean. I grew up about five miles from Plant 42 where Lockheed, Boeing, and Northrup built all sorts of aerospace. The SR-71, the Space Shuttle, the B-1, the B-2, and others were all were built close buy. I too grew up loving aircraft and aerospace in general.

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