This is why I don't go to football games anymore

In case you missed it, Oklahoma beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, 45-31, on New Years Day. Turns out, some of the Bama fans at the game didn’t react too well to their favorite team getting beat on the field of play. One fan, a woman, named Michelle Prichett from Stillwater, Alabama, was so unhappy with the game’s outcome that she lost her mind and launched herself at a gaggle of male Oklahoma students. As she was being pulled away from the youths, she repeatedly kicked one of them, Michael Connolly, in the chest.

The exchange was captured on video.

According to the Mrs. Prichett, she went all Bruce Lee on Mr. Connolly because he had the audacity to call her a “stupid bitch.” She also claimed he was taunting her 16-year-old son.

Even though you can almost smell the booze on Prichett’s breath from just from watching the video, she claims she wasn’t intoxicated. She states she had a couple of drinks, but that she wasn’t drunk. Sure. If anything, the idea she was sober when she did what she did, is worse than if she were channeling her inner Otis the Drunk. Then again, Otis was a happy drunk. He never attacked anyone.

I don’t understand why people have to get their drink on at football games. Is it because it’s so boring that they have to be inebriated just to pass the time? Baseball is pretty boring in person, more boring than football, yet people don’t get drunk at baseball games. At least not like they do at football games. It’s what tailgating is all about, getting to the game early to get drunk before kickoff.

I’ve been to three professional football games, two in Los Angeles and one in Buffalo, and four college football games, all in Syracuse. At every single football game, I’ve had to deal with intoxicated idiots in one way or another. For example, at one college game, one drunk asshat spilled his beer all over my friend’s wife. As fate would have it, she was the one person in our group why hated football and didn’t even want to be there. Of course, she was the one that ended up covered in beer.

It’s because of people like Mrs. Prichett that I have no desire to ever go to a football game again. I would much rather just watch football on TV.

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