This is the dumbest ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover of all time

I saw the cover of the special Sports Illustrated World Series commemorative issue featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday. It’s the strangest Sports Illustrated I have ever seen. And not to brag, I’ve seen a lot of Sports Illustrated covers.

L.A. Kings

The cover features the title “L.A. Kings” in a super-large font. It suggests that the Los Angeles Dodgers are now the L.A. Kings because they won a 60-game season World Series. The obvious problem with this claim is that the Dodgers are not the L.A. Kings. That moniker belongs to the professional hockey team that calls Los Angeles home. They’re a big deal. They won the Stanely Cup in 2012 and then did it again in 2014.

This is the strangest 'Sports Illustrated' cover of all time - Bent Corner
Jonathan Quick of the (real) L.A. Kings

Whoever at Sports Illustrated decided they should refer to the Dodgers as the L.A. Kings should have asked someone with a bit of knowledge (an intern or maybe someone’s non-sports following grandmother) if it might sound stupid and confusing.

Mookie Betts

Considering the Dodgers have not won a World Series championship since 1988, I thought it quite peculiar to feature Mookie Betts, a player who has only been with the team since the 2020 off-season. His uniforms still have that new smell to them. It would have been much more appropriate to feature someone else on the cover, someone who has been with the team longer than that jar of kimchee has been in my refrigerator. Someone such as Clayton Kershaw or perhaps, I don’t know, Clayton Kershaw.

This is the strangest 'Sports Illustrated' cover of all time - Bent Corner
The face of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the great Clayton Kershaw.

Besides, Mookie Betts was a member of the 2018 Boston Red Sox. Along with his teammates, he participated in a sign-stealing cheating scheme against the Dodgers that allowed the Red Sox to win the World Series. It was a big deal. In fact, Sports Illustrated published an article about this past April.

If I still considered myself a Dodgers fan, seeing Mookie Betts on the official Sports Illustrated commemorative issue would chaff my hide. Then again, I don’t understand how anyone can remain a Dodgers fan with Betts on the team. What can I say? Sometimes people in Los Angeles can be really weird.

How the Dodgers could sign a cheating asshat like Mookie Betts to a multi-year contract is beyond me. Worse, I don’t understand how Dodgers fans can cheer for Betts and wear his jersey. The whole thing is disgusting and, quite frankly, embarrassing.

Mookie Betts wasn’t even the World Series MVP. That honor went to Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. That said, Mookie Betts is on the cover.

In conclusion

If nothing else, this stupid Sports Illustrated World Series commemorative issue reminds me why I hate the magazine. I’m not alone. There’s only one store in Hagerstown that still sells it. Sports Illustrated is a dying magazine. I think it’s why Sports Illustrated teamed up with Finish Line to cheat people into signing up for free (not free) “trial” subscriptions. It’s the only way they can get readers. They cheat, just like Mookie Betts and the rest of his Red Sox teammates.

2 thoughts on “This is the dumbest ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover of all time”

  1. Lol. This is the weirdest take I’ve ever read. Even after a hurt season, he’s still projected for a 6+ WAR. I can’t comment on cheating allegations, and I really could care less. Every team does something for an edge. Some are stupid and get caught. You probably also have the mindset that roids MADE Barry Bonds a great player….

    1. Nope. Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player to even play the game. HGH or anabolic steroids do not make you a good baseball player. If that were the case, Arnold Schwarzenegger would have become a baseball player. Also, I don’t think taking HGH or steroids is cheating, especially for hitters. Pitchers can use them to help them recover between starts much quicker. Hitters take them to recover between weight lifting workouts. That’s what they’re used for.

      I’ve since changed my mind about Mookie Betts. He’s a great player and a great person. That said, I still don’t think they should have featured him on the cover of Sports Illustrated Dodgers win the WS cover. It should have been a group pic, or if they wanted to focus on a single player, it should have been Clayton Kershaw.

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