Thinking of joining Marvel Collector Corps? Don’t do it

Marvel Collector Corp, a bi-monthly subscription based collector’s box service started up last April. It’s like Loot Crate, but it features only stuff associated with Marvel Comics and it’s run by Funko, the maker of licenced pop culture collectables. It also costs more than Loot Crate. Marvel Collector Corp ships every other month and costs $25 per box, compared to Loot Crate’s monthly box that costs less than $14 per box.

The price isn’t the only thing different between Loot Crate and Marvel Collector Corps. Loot Crate actually sends their subscribers their box in a timely manner. Marvel Collector Corps? Not so much.

Although loads of other Marvel Collector Corp members have received their June box, I have not. In fact, my box hasn’t even been sent yet. How do I know this? Because I haven’t gotten an email with a tracking number like I did back in April. I did get an email on June 11 saying my order was being processed, but no follow-up email with a tracking number. Also, because I tweeted both Marvel Collector Corps and Funko one week ago, and this was the response I got:

So my order began to be processed on June 11 and on June 21, it was still being processed, whatever that means.

I then noticed online that people began getting their boxes last week. This would seem to me that when the rep from @CollectorCorps tweeted that they hadn’t shipped yet, this was less than truthful. Since they ship boxes using UPS Ground, which has a 5-day ship time, some of the boxes must have been shipped when the tweet from @CollectorCorps was posted.

Yesterday, I decided to check my credit card statement online to see when Marvel Collector Corps actually charged my card. What I discovered surprised me. I was charged for the June box on June 11 and then again on June 12. I was charged twice for the same box. A box they still haven’t shipped.

I wrote them an email telling them I wanted to cancel my subscription. I had already done it online, but I figured it would benefit me to really make sure my subscription was indeed canceled. This is the response I got:

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 23:11:56 +0000
From: Collector Corps
Subject: Ticket Received – Cancel my membership

Dear Rick Rottman,

Thanks for contacting! We are excited to speak with you. Due to a high volume of customer tickets that we are currently receiving, there may be delays in response times. Rest assured we are working diligently to get to each and everyone [sic] of your questions and concerns.

Your Ticket Number is 20550 – if you have additional questions, please reply to this email instead of opening an additional ticket. This will ensure we can most efficiently help you.

Thank you for your time, patience and subscription.


Marvel Collector Corps Support

I tell them I want to cancel because they charged me twice and didn’t send my box, and they respond by saying they’re “excited” to speak to me.

Take my advice and don’t subscribe to Marvel Collector Corps. At least not yet. They obviously don’t know what they’re doing. They need to get the bugs out.

You’d think they would just copy Loot Crate.

If you find yourself really wanting something that’s inside one of their boxes, you’d be better off buying it on eBay or someplace else. Considering how much of what they’re sending out is poorly packed and is arriving damaged, you’d be better off going this route if you like your collectables in collectable condition and not broken or damaged.

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37 thoughts on “Thinking of joining Marvel Collector Corps? Don’t do it”

  1. Got an email saying they shipped my box on 6/24. Tracking number never worked. Today (6/30), the tracking number still doesn’t work. Emailed them and got the exact same reply. So was it sent or not? Who knows.

    1. I also am having some of the same problems. I received my first package after about four months. I thought they forgot about me,and your correct that the contents of the box were packed for a child that plans on opening everything in the box,as a collector I don’t recommend collectors corps to an serious collector. The comic book I got was issue one now to a collector that sounds great, it’s not to great when the comic is damaged before it was even opened. This should be a mint condition book and is a NM (near mint). I sent emails because there is no other way to contact the company. I have yet to get any type of response what so ever. I can’t even log in to my account. I have know way to contact them so I guess I’m locked out of my own account, to top it off I didn’t get any type of email with a tracking number. My package showing up was truly a surprise. I was ok that it was late and was just happy it showed up!, that is until I opened the box and the one thing that would be most collectible was the one thing that was damaged and of corse there’s no way to talk with someone to get the book replaced. A huge disappointment towards collectors Corp. if your looking for a grab bag type package, and that’s what I call this package that corps. Offers to us as consumers. I personally would look to other companies that also do the same. If my order was possessed when it should have been I would have the hulk buster box as well as the Ant-Man. I have Thor witch looks like a woman and a Spider-Man. What is coming next who knows I’ll be surprised if anything comes. The web site is so vague that it seems as if a group of children are running this outfit. I truly believe saying that may be putting down some kids because I know some young adults that would take this business more serious and probably do a better job than the corps. Don’t follow the light, go the other way and find the real light not the tunnel that only has a flashlight at the end. Be prepared for disappointment if you sign up and I wish all new members the best of luck and hope you recive something pretty much anything from these people and if you run in to any problem know that your pretty much on your own. If your a true collector I urge you to not sign up for your items will be poorly packaged and possibly damaged and there is no and I repeat “NO” way to contact someone to get anything that may be damaged or something sent by mistake replaced. Again I say once you sign up “your on your own”…. Be wise and shop around and use the collectors corps. As a last resort. Everything written that is mostly negative feed back unfortunately is true. Good luck.. Signing out +Man on Fire+

      1. “I have Thor witch looks like a woman”

        It was intended to be a ‘Female Thor Exclusive Vinyl’. So she should look like a Woman.

        Sorry for your other problems, I canceled my LootCrate and have been incredibly satisfied replacing it with this.

  2. I signed up for Marvel Collector Corps for the year back in March. I received the April box. but still have not received the June box. It is now July 12. I sent an email regarding the issue but only received a generic message stating that they were busy but working on it. I am extremely disappointed. I have been receiving Loot Crate for over a year now and have never had s problem.

  3. Tell me about it, I ended up here due to not being able to get assistance from Marvel Collector Corp. The site and company seems to be ran by Funko LLC and not Marvel at all. Terrible service, no phone number and won’t reply to emails. “Just be patient” they say to EVERYTHING. Collector Corp will take our money instantly but won’t offer us any help for a service we paid for. I wouldn’t recommend at all and tempted to take it to arbitration. Funko owns and runs the site but they don’t have any obligation to run it. Hmm, so its ok to sell these crates but yet they have no responsibility to full fill them. You know, since Funko owns and runs the site which take our orders.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. If you subscribe and everything goes 100% smoothly with no issues in receiving packages on time or without damage.. than maybe it’s worth it. The minute you have any kind of issue such as incorrect billing info, damage to your item(3 for 3 so far), mis-shipment, or delayed shipment.. you will instantly realize you are dealing with support in a 3rd world country using the crappiest support system in production. Where IF you reply to an email/ticket your ticket gets bumped to the back of line. (Yes they state this – they encourage you to not reply or update support tickets – otherwise their response may take longer.. what a crock). Have fun spending hours of time documenting the damage to your items, picture with details.. yeah and YOU PAY FOR THIS SERVICE.. lol

  5. I was so excited for this box and then I received the first one, which had the hulkbuster in it. The top of the box had a slight crease in it which kind of bummed me out. It wasn’t too bad, but I signed up for this box solely for the hulkbuster and was sad to find out the one thing I wanted in the box was slightly damaged. Still, I overlooked it and signed up for the antman box. And that’s where my troubles somewhat worsened. I got the box and the antman pop toy was smashed. Like, they really need to rethink how they package their boxes because it was so smashed that the tiny little antman had popped out of this casing. This largely upset me so I emailed their customer service and they promised to send me a replacement pop toy box. I told them that if that were the case, I’d rather have my money back. I hadn’t opened anything in the box (aside from opening the box itself to see what was inside) and really, the only reason I signed up for it was for exclusive pop toys. I don’t want to have to take the toy out of the box to put it in a new box; that has already deemed the toy worthless. Since I figured they wouldn’t send me a new one, I asked for my money back. And they kept responding to me with emails about how my replacement pop box was on its way. EVERY EMAIL I SENT THEM DETAILING THAT I WANTED MY MONEY BACK WAS MET WITH THE SAME PROMISE OF A NEW POP TOY BOX!!!! I’m envious of the people who have had no problems with this subscription box but I know there are a bunch of people who have had issues similar to mine. This is a huge let down. I was so looking forward to continuing with this box but now I couldn’t care less. I’d rather go for something better. This isn’t worth the trouble. But as many people have voiced, the subscription is great if you get what you want UNDAMAGED but the moment you have an problem, good luck. You truly are on your own. Way to go Funko and Marvel for bending your customers over to take their money and not caring when they have issues.

  6. Okay OP and several of the comments need a reality check. You’re all whiney because things aren’t catered to you specifically. It takes time to ship boxes, especially when they’re doing an international service, and they have tens of thousands of boxes to send out. OP, the email you received is the generic auto email that sends out to confirm that they received your inquiry. And person who commented above about a smashed AntMan: they’re not going to refund your entire box for one smooshed toy. That’s so ridiculous to even expect that as an option. You should be glad that they are sending you replacement, especially since you said that that toy was what toy wanted most. So now you have two. Quit whining! If you don’t like the box, cancel your subscription but don’t knock down a company just because your dinner get your way. It’s not called YOUR WAY BOX…

    1. Okay OP and several of the comments need a reality check. You’re all whiney because things aren’t catered to you specifically.

      No. You either did not read the words I wrote or you have a massive reading comprehension problem. They charged my credit card twice and didn’t send my box. That’s a lot different than not getting my way. If you had actually read and comprehended what I wrote, you’d know that.

  7. Why oh why does anyone think these pops will bring money later on in life baffles me products nowadays are produced in their millions and I for one will open all of them keep the boxes and display them without. I myself have had no problems so far I stress so far but paid for my deadpool box in January got a welcome email and two days later my payment was processed now two days after the 15th of February the deadpool box availability ended and I received an email giving me all of my shipping details by a courier with tracking number that works and is already in transit I can’t say that sounds too shoddy to me. As for broken/dented/damaged boxes who’s being the little kids now?? Need to grow up put your big boy pants on inhale exhale and get on with it after all a slight dent is not going to affect the money you’ll be getting for these figures later on in life anyway… I mean enjoy them while you have them and let them brighten up your day I have a limited spiderman symbiote statue that I went to London and had it signed by stan lee!! But do you think it’s in the box no no no mon Frere it sits there on my shelf looking all awesome and shiz have comics worth thousands but have them framed on my walls not in some safe or dark place I enjoy them walk past them and see them and appreciate them for what they are pieces of joy and pieces of art 🙂

    1. Just like you I received the welcome email, but that’s all so far. My box is still “processing”. Zero shipping info, charged on the 12th. I think a lot of people dislike the fact that MCC is so quick to take the money, yet takes forever to ship out the box. If it was like Amazon, where they only charge you once your item has shipped, I think more people would be at peace. And OP wouldn’t be short of 2 boxes’ money worth and without anything. At worst he’d have a duplicate box.

    2. We’ve ordered the deadpool box too and have received nothing to tell us when we’ll get it. There’s nothing wrong with getting what you pay for in a reasonable timely fashion. Hell an email with tracking would be AWESOME.

  8. I have two founders subscriptions and never had a problem. One of the Ant Man boxes had a defective product in it. I took a picture of it, sent it to customer service, they opened a ticket and replaced the product. Took about a month. Me and my daughter enjoy our boxes so much we’re about to sign up for founders subscriptions to the new DC box powered by Funko as well. Yes, it’s more expensive than Loot Crate, but you get what you pay for. Loot Crate is notorious for hit and miss boxes. Every single box of Marvel has been amazing (especially the Guardians box, I still can’t get over the scarf they put in to replace the T-Shirt that month). And unlike Loot Crate (who habitually allow their boxes to be re-ordered), these are exclusive, one time only collectibles (the only exception was the first box, the Age of Ultron box, which was able to be re-ordered after the initial wave because they wanted to build positive word of mouth. Every box since has had a cut off date and no re-orders).

    In conclusion, I think it’s poor form to advise people to stay away because you had a bad experience. I know that is common place to vent about these frustrations when it happens, but I would suggest to all who have read this that this is not a universal problem. While I can’t speak for the Original Author’s experience (clearly), I can say that I have spent hundreds of dollars already between me and my teenage daughter, only had one problem, it was fixed, and am going to spend another few hundred dollars renewing our memberships at Marvel and starting the DC one.

    The value and coolness factor blows Loot Crate out of the water. I hear Smuggler’s Bounty is pretty good as well.

    1. I hope I’ll be able to experience the joy you’ve had with your boxes because so far mine is still “processing”. Despite the bad feedback on FB I decided to join, but you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty poor for a company to have so many bad reviews (granted, some are just whiny and impatient people). I don’t mind waiting months to get a product, IF I eventually get the product. But some people did say they never received their box, others recently said their box was missing the patch, or the comic, or the shirt, or the plush toy… That’s not very professional is it? I know I will receive my box well after the others, it’s ok I don’t mind, but if there’s something missing inside, that would really suck.

      1. I can’t speak on the professionalism of what others say (hearsay being what it is). I can only go by my experiences. I’ve seen just as many complaints about Loot Crate, TeeFury, and other services. Especially on Facebook (where people love to air grievances, imagined and otherwise).

        My Deadpool boxes just arrived the other day. One of the boxes looked like the mailman kicked it in a fit of rage. There was damage to one of the products. So, similar to the Ant-Man box, I’ve contacted customer service with pictures. I got a response (auto response, but still) within 24 hours.

        So, not to sound snarky (since that’s not my intention), I can’t admit that it looks bad, nor can I agree about any type of unprofessional behavior since it hasn’t happened to me.

        If I gave immense weight to Facebook complaints and random blog posts in my decisions as a consumer, I’d not enjoy life at all, being in a perpetual state of terror at trying any company product or service.

        That’s not to say that I don’t seek reviews and feedback when trying something new, mind you. But that’s only part of the decision making. With the Marvel Box, I got in on the ground floor, so to speak. So I didn’t have any feedback, positive or negative to go by. The only reason I found this post was because I was on my phone Googleing and trying to find out when the first box shipped last year because I know my anniversary is coming up, and I’ll get the Founders Statue when my auto-renew kicks in.

        I felt the need to chime in because honestly we hardly ever hear the positive. In a seminar I once attended on Customer Service, a statistic was thrown out by the speaker saying that a positive experience will generate word of mouth to a few people, whereas a negative experience will generate word of mouth to 7-10 people on average.

        We simply tell more people about our bad experiences than we do about our good ones. I try not to tell people how they should feel about their negative experiences, because that’s counterproductive. But if I had a positive one, I’ll always state as such when I see posts such as this, simply to show that there are positive experiences out there.

        1. I’d love to go by my experience, if I ever receive my box. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. As you can see I did subscribe in spite of the bad reviews. I’m not one to blindly listen to what other people’s reviews say, and will want to experience it by myself firsthand before saying anything (be it a book, movie, etc). But so far, it closely mirrors some of the bad reviews I’ve seen on FB. I don’t have an FB so I can’t tell about the veracity of the claims, but it’s one of the only sites where there’s feedback about MCC, as their own site is pretty bare. I checked Reddit too and it’s approximately the same. I’m not sure I agree with you when you say we hardly hear the positive, because I did see a lot of good reviews for MCC alongside those bad ones, and elsewhere in general I see good reviews outweigh the bad ones (on Amazon and eBay for example). I’m one who always leaves feedback for sellers, and I mostly leave good feedback because I’m easy-going and if there’s ever some kind of problem I will try to work it out with the seller. I’m just hoping it’s simply slow shipping for MCC and I’ll eventually get my box, without anything missing inside.

          Oh and about your earlier comment, I forgot to say: the items aren’t exclusive, when I subscribed for my box it gave me the option to add a past box to my order, and every single one of them were available if I wanted to add them to my cart. I didn’t want any so I just left the page, and from what I’ve read later on Reddit, there’s no way to go back to that page, but they confirmed that the sure-fire way to buy a past box is simply to get a new subscription/ a new account. So yeah MCC isn’t all that exclusive.

        2. @Anthony: Saw your recent comment on the MCC FB. Sorry that you’re joining those who’ve had a bad experience with them. An update on my situation: I’ve finally received some tracking info, my box was processed the 19th (but I wasn’t told until end of February), shipped around within the US during a week then left the country a few days later. It has arrived in my country but has been sitting at a processing center for a few days. From what I’ve read, it’s probably customs. So now starts the waiting game, depending on my luck I’ll get my box within a week or months. In conclusion I’d say MCC’s shipping isn’t too shabby. But I paid $18 for it (being international), and silly me was expecting it under a week for that price. I’ve tried all sorts of shipping while buying online goods, from free to dirt cheap, and I’ve received them ranging from a few days to a few months. I guess it’s all a lottery. I might get my box soon or in April or never, I will update about the contents when or if I can.

        3. It’s funny because once I posted on the FB about my experience with the Deadpool box and how I wasn’t going to renew my two founders subscriptions, they immediately sent a follow up email saying that they would “make an exception” and replace the boxes that were damaged.

          So that tells me they either DO view their social media, or the customer service rep that originally told me they weren’t going to do anything did indeed escalate it to his supervisor when I replied with my outrage. I really wasn’t expecting them to push back on replacing the damaged items because they DIDN’T when I had to have one of the Ant-Man box items replaced.

          But back then with the Ant-Man, I dealt with a different customer service department I think. Because this time I got a reply from Funko, not from Marvel. So I think Funko may have taken over the customer service from the MCC, and I’m not too sure that’s a good thing.

          As far as exclusive content – perhaps my view of exclusive content is different than yours? Can you get these anywhere else (other than eBay or Amazon or Craigslist re-sellers?)

          No, you cannot. You can’t go to other retailers on the shelf and buy these. That’s what exclusive means. Not trying to be snarky, but at the retail level the only way to get these products is to buy the box from MCC. Now, there is an argument to be made if these are Limited Edition, and that’s true for all subscription boxes nowadays. I absolutely hate it when Loot Crate re-offers past boxes…it takes the collectible nature away if you know you can probably get it again a few months down the road.

          And that’s why I get these boxes – I’m a collector. I still read comics, but I do it in trade form or digitally. I will not tolerate damage to my collection, not for the price I’m paying. And to see that you can get the boxes again later on? Well, that diminishes the collector mentality in my mind, and makes me think of mass production, easily available.

          I still will buy the box. I refuse to pay eBay re-sellers and speculators (they do that with Gamestop exclusive pre-orders as well, drives me nuts, those flippers….) But knowing that I could get the box again at a later date DOES take some of the magic away.

        4. @Anthony: that’s great news! I hope they do follow through for all the people who’ve had complaints about broken or missing items (and can prove it). As for the exclusive content I misunderstood you, however ordering a past box is indeed possible with MCC now (no idea about before). And actually yes you can get items from other places, on FB I saw someone link a Hulkbuster Pop figure from an online retailer (not eBay, Amazon or Craigslist). I don’t remember what the site was but it looked like one that sells all kinds of toys, kind of like Forbidden Planet. Also, there’s a physical shop in my city that sells a huge array of Pop figures, from common ones to SDCC exclusives to MCC ones… for the special ones, their prices are ludicrous as you’d imagine. But they are indeed available to people who haven’t subscribed and would like to buy just the figure, for example. I used to be a collector but I realized anything is available later on through some other channel… and just like you I feel that it takes the magic away.

    2. Just wanted to add that I have also been a subcriber since the first box and had the same experience as you. The only problem was the Antman box delay and they ended up mailing me 3 Antman boxes and charged me for 1 box, so that’s not really a problem at all.

  9. I have had no issues whatsoever… Got all my boxes.. wish they would just deliver by ups but ups sends to post office and my post office sorry to hear you are having trouble with them I’ve enjoyed every bit of it

  10. So my box has finally arrived, after being detained in customs forever. I had to pay $20 of taxes for it (no surprise, and I’m not the only one who had to). Customs opened my box so I feared some items might be missing but everything was there, in pristine condition. Shirt size was the correct one too. The Deadpool Pop figure had a brown stain on the arm, probably from the belt color getting smudged, but nothing a black Sharpie can’t fix. I’m satisfied by the quality of the MCC box, if I lived in the US I would stay subscribed because slow shipping time doesn’t bother me. Unfortunately I’m an international customer and that box cost me $60 in total. It’s not worth it to me, so I unsubscribed.

    1. Not worth it for International Customers. Not at that price point.

      They did replace my damaged products, BTW. So that’s cool.

      It’s too bad that they can’t mark it as “gift” like I do when I sell things internationally. Makes it so much easier and cheaper.

      1. Hey Anthony, glad to hear the customer service was good to you!
        I don’t think they can mark it as a “gift”. A lot of sellers won’t because, well it’s a lie, and also if they’re found out they’ll be fined or something. When you (one individual) sell to another it can pass as a gift, but a huge company like MCC I don’t think it’d work.

    2. Hi Gabriel, where do you live? Because I have been thinking to order it from Mexico and according to order details it has a total cost of $45 ($25 for the box, $20 for the shipping and $0 for taxes ).But when the box arrives to my country I would have to pay an extra on taxes?. Thanks for the help!

      1. Hi Alan, I live in France. Yes as per the account details it’s $45, but on the FAQ (and nearly anywhere else, really) they clearly say that it’s possible you’ll have to pay taxes, they can’t guarantee anything. And just like them, I can’t guarantee you won’t have to. It’s a bit of a gamble when it comes to customs. For my country, from what I’ve found on the internet, people didn’t have any problems with customs at first. Then it started with the Ant-Man box. It continued with the next boxes, and while I can’t say every single one of us here had to pay taxes, I would say most of us had to with the Deadpool box. I wish you the best of luck if you decide to try.

        1. Thanks a lot for the information, but I still thinking if I order one or not. As you say it is a big risk to pay an extra for the $45 of the box.

    3. Did you actually use a sharpie? man noob mistake, natural mistakes on pops can make them go for more sometimes, but i’m guessing you took it out of the box and playing with it or something.

  11. I had a problem one time with the box processing.I emailed the company and received the generic email sayin they were excited.then a person emailed me a few days later .I explained that my card was charged and my box was processing , I saw people had received theirs.the person appologized and sent me the box a week later.yes its annoying that there is no live customer support but it’s not worth freakin out over.

  12. I am signed up for all 3 of the colector corp boxes tried loot crate for the walking dead box and was disappointed very much that and the next 3 boxes don’t know how they stay in business. But mcc boxes have been great I have had no problems and hate you did. I to keep the boxes but don’t plan on paying for my kids college with these toys so they are out and looking great on the kids selfs they play with them and love them.

  13. I have never had a problem with them, and it’s way worth the price than the shitty lootcrate that gives you $2 shit half the time. I have never been charged twice or waited on shipping and I live in New Zealand and every time I received my box there has been nothing wrong with them, no dents or anything. So either you guys just need to wait, stop complaining about a little dent and just enjoy the boxes, you can get Pop vinyls that you can’t even buy in store and if you look on ebay one of those pop vinyls cost more than the whole box! so I think you get your moneys worth more than Lootcrate. Other than that I hope all you guys sort your problems!

    1. man i wish. they double charged me and i’m still waiting for my box. my friend started hers in March too and never even received it. collector corps is just not a good enough business to handle this volume of customers i suppose.

  14. Thanks for saving me the woes. There’s nothing I HATE more than terrible customer service. I mean, without the customers, there is no service so come on.

  15. I love Lootcrate, i have never had a problem with them. I signed up for collector corps for one box, and they ended up making me 2 different accounts for me so it charged me twice for this month. I decided since i won’t be getting my money back from them, (they only gave me my money back for one of the june boxes, not both) i might as well just try it out. I ended up deleting my card information off of one of the accounts so they can’t double charge me again (unless they decide to make me another account AGAIN). Still haven’t recieved a tracking number, and it still says processing on my account. its sad you’d think they would have figured out these bugs a year ago. I’m sticking with lootcrate. Cheaper, more of a variety of stuff, they have never overcharged me and i always know when my box will be there.

  16. I have had nothing but issues with their customer support, and the same can be said for my roommates.

    I was getting ready to cancel for the Cival War crate, but they processed my order before I could. I had an old address in the account after a move and I wanted to get a hold of the company to either cancel the order or at least get my address changed. Nothing that should have been difficult considering it always, even in this occasion, takes 10 days for them to process my order. During those 10 days I sent 8 emails and the only response I got back was an automatic one form gmail telling me that the email in question was not open to receive incoming emails. So after 10 days my box gets shipped without me being able to contact them to get the address changed. This box shipped on April 1st and I just checked the tracking and the last update for the box was on June 11th saying it was somewhere in Columbus, OH.

    In regards to my roommates, both of them have been double charged, one has been double charged twice. Marvel Crate hasn’t done anything to help them fix the issue either. Both have decided to contact their credit card company to report the charges.

    Honestly I’m at the point where I’m just going to send a report to the Better Business Bureau. A company can not advertise a customer support that simply does not exist.

    1. Every time you email them you get a number at the top of your reply notification email that is your ticket number everytime you send an additonal email it resets your ticket number so my best bet is next time dont be so impatient and just wait for a reply I emailed them two days ago and received a reply this morning. I have never ever had a problem with them and I am a British customer…. so what does that say you may be having a bad experience but it doesn’t mean that is the same treatment all receive 🙂

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