They put a toga wearing king on U.S. money

I found the state quarter representing Hawaii in some of my change, and I was disappointed to see that it features Hawaii’s King Kamehameha I on the reverse.  I never thought I’d see the day when we put a king on our money, especially one wearing a Greek toga. When Canada or Australia puts someone of royal descent wearing a dress on their money, the person is a woman.

What’s even worse is that it features words in some foreign language.  I’m not certain, but I think it’s Klingon.

If only the U.S. Mint spoke to me first

Not to brag, but when I was in the Air Force, I visited Hawaii 18 separate times. My shortest stay was for three hours. My longest stay was for 22 hours. I believe that makes me an expert on all things Hawaii. I wish the U.S. Mint reached out to me and talked to me first before designing this coin.

Hawaii is the poor man’s Guam

Hawaii is nice, but it pails in comparison to Guam. Hawaii tries to mimic much of the culture found on Guam, but it’s a weak substitute. Hawaii is to Guam like Knott’s Berry Farm is to Disneyland.

I thought the Hawaiian quarter was going to feature something more ethnically or culturally deserving on their quarter.  Like most people, I just assumed that it would feature the cast from Magnum P.I. or the Hawaiian Tiki statue from that episode of The Brady Bunch.  Instead of honoring something from Hawaii’s culture, they have to put a king all dressed up to go to a Roman orgy on their quarter.

It’s a sad day for America.

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  1. Patty from Quartz Hill

    I haven’t read Bent Corner in a while, and I just sat down to see what wisdom you have been expounding into cyber space. I came upon your piece on the Hawaiian quarter. It made me chuckle at first, and then when you observed that the writing looks like it’s written in Klingon, I laughed out loud. (I’m pretty sure you’re right, too!)

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