Theaters cancel showings of ‘The Interview’

In response to threats by a hacker group known as Guardians of Peace, movie theater chains have begun canceling showings of The Interview, a Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy slated to open on Christmas day. In the movie, Rogen and Franco are journalists who travel to North Korea to interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They are also on a secret CIA mission to assassinate the North Korean Dear Leader. Hilarity ensues.

Evidently North Korea has a problem with the movie. It’s believed that they are behind the Guardians of Peace hacker group and are directly responsible for the giant Sony Pictures Entertainment hack that took place four weeks ago. Sony Pictures is the studio behind The Interview.

It’s hard to really understand how North Korea, or more specifically, Kim Jong Un, could have a problem with The Interview. I realize his assassination is the focus of the movie’s plot, but it’s just a silly Seth Rogen movie. Then again, it’s North Korea. They aren’t known for rational behavior.

If I were in charge at Sony Pictures, I wouldn’t have made The Interview. North Korea is a hornet’s nest that I don’t think is worth kicking, at least not for the sake of a goofy movie. I would no sooner make a comedy involving the assassination of Kim Jong Un then I would make a comedy focusing on destroying Mecca.

Not that I have any love for North Korea or Kim Jong Un. I hate communism and the people who practice it. For me, the Cold War still burns hot. Part of me now wants to go see this movie on Christmas day, if for no other reason than North Korea doesn’t want me to.

Then again, if theaters aren’t showing it, I really can’t go see it.

Update: Sony has decided to scrap the release of The Interview.

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  1. Hey! I understand your take on maybe not kicking the hornet’s nest… But do you think this is a win for North Korea and terrorism? I feel that this sets a precedent that if NK threatens with violence, they can get what they want… Which is definitely the message we do not want to be sending. Also, here is what I really think is happening. I think that North Korea has information about Sony that Sony DOES NOT want being leaked. So, to prevent further information leaks, and also to seem like the good guy, Sony is deciding to agree to North Korean demands. I’m not sure what information North Korea has exactly, but I do think it is something big. The reason I say this is because NK is ALWAYS threatening multiple countries around the world with little success; now suddenly one of their threats has been taken seriously. What do you think?

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