The WHO recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement this past Friday urging fully vaccinated people to continue wearing masks and continuing to practice social distancing.

From CNBC:

The World Health Organization on Friday urged fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks, social distance and practice other Covid-19 pandemic safety measures as the highly contagious delta variant spreads rapidly across the globe.

The Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 evolved in India. From there, it spread everywhere, including the UK. The Delta variant is the prominent strain in the UK. Of the people hospitalized in the UK for COVID-19, 8% have been fully vaccinated.

Being fully vaccinated will not save you from needing hospitalization

I’ve been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. When doing research, I learned I could still contract COVID-19, but the symptoms would be mild. It now appears that is not correct. Fully vaccinated people in the UK are getting sick from the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2. They’re getting sick enough to require hospitalization.

That isn’t very reassuring. My number one goal since the start of this pandemic was to stay out of the hospital. I fear going to the hospital under COVID-19 restrictions more than I fear death. I spent nine days in the ICU a few years ago, and the only thing that made it palatable was that my wife was there at my side. I was out of it most of the time. I was very sick. During bouts of lucidity, I can remember Sheri was there at my side. I cannot express with words how important that was for me. They are my favorite memories.

The idea of being all alone in the hospital attached to a ventilator is my idea of Hell.

Here in Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan rescinded the executive order last month requiring people to wear masks indoors and practice social distancing. Because he has repeatedly claimed to listen to the medical experts when it comes to COVID-19, it’s strange that he hasn’t ordered Marylanders to start wearing masks again. Just kidding! It’s not strange at all. Hogan is a liar who cares more about his own image than the health and well-being of Marylanders.

Hogan wants to run for President in 2024.  To do that, he needs to win the Republican nomination. You cannot hope to get a majority of Republicans to vote for you if you appear pro-mask.

What do I know? I’m just a silly guy who still has a blog.

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