The self-appointed art censors have struck again

Lionhead Studios, the studio responsible for the popular Fable game series, came under fire for an image they posted to Twitter. It’s art taken from the Fable video game franchise and shows an ample-breasted woman holding a tray of what looks to be mugs of oatmeal. The words “The Foaming Jugs” appear at the top of the artwork. Evidently this is a tavern in the game.

The image was posted in honor of #NationalCleavageDay, which according to Wikipedia, is a real thing.

This is what they posted to Twitter:


They later removed it from Twitter and then issued a Twitter apology.

The obnoxious, self-appointed art censors from their ivory towers on Twitter and Tumblr, have struck again. They’ve once again successfully gotten a piece of art removed because they did not like it.

They were successful in getting a variant cover for an upcoming issue of Batgirl canceled because they didn’t like it and didn’t want anyone to be able to buy it, and now they’ve got a company to remove art and apologize for that art simply because they did not like it.

When I come across art I don’t like, which coincidentally enough, very much includes the above image, it doesn’t even occur to me to try to get it removed. Mostly because I’m not rude or obnoxious and I very much realize not everything is created for me or my specific artistic tastes.

People should be free to create and share art they enjoy without censorship from the self-appointed art police.

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