The real Heroes of Cosplay

One of the problems with the show is the group of people featured each week. Compared to other cosplayers, they just don’t stack up. Instead of calling the show “Heroes of Cosplay”, it should be called “Zeroes of Cosplay”.

Heroes of Cosplay, a semi-reality show on SyFy, follows a group of people as they travel around the country to various comic book and anime conventions, competing in cosplay contests. Cosplay is short for “costume play”. It’s where people dress up as characters from movies, comics, anime, or other nerdy mediums. Some people just do it for fun, others compete in contests for money.

The show, Heroes of Cosplay, centers on people doing the later.

One of the problems with the show is the group of people featured each week. Compared to other cosplayers, they just don’t stack up. Instead of calling the show Heroes of Cosplay, it should be called Zeroes of Cosplay.

mega-man-heroes-of-cosplayTake for example Tuesday’s episode. It took place at Comikaze 2013 in Los Angeles. Jesse Lagers, the cosplayer from Portland, decided that he will go as Mega Man, a character from an old Nintendo game. Jesse decides to make the armor Mega Man wears out of foam and hot glue. He works on it up until a few hours before his flight. When he arrives at the hotel in Los Angeles, he discovers that the blue metallic spray paint he used to paint his foam and hot glue armor he started to flake off, probably because he transported it unsecured in a large plastic storage tote. Jesse then went looking for blue metallic paint within walking distance of his the hotel. He couldn’t find any. Instead, he was able to find silver paint pens. He used these pens to “weather” the costume.

When asked by the judges how long it took his to build his Mega Man costume, he told them only started it on Monday.

Instead of featuring people like Jesse on Heroes of Cosplay, they should show the people who truly apply themselves to their craft. For example, Epsilon, the guy who dressed up as Sagittarius Sisyphus Seiya, the winged golden saint from the manga and anime series Saint Seiya. He told the judges that it took him over three months to build his costume from scratch. He made it from steel, not foam and hot glue. I learned this not from Heroes of Cosplay, but from a YouTube video of the contest. It not only looked fantastic with the bow and wings that automatically opened, but it also sounded great when he walked across the stage because it was made from steel, not foam and hot glue.

Heroes of Cosplay should be about people like the guy who made the Sagittarius Sisyphus costume, people who dedicate themselves to their craft, spending months on their costume. It shouldn’t be about people like Jesse who half-ass everything at the last minute.

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  1. I may be wrong, but I believe he was dress as Sagittarius Seiya (from Saint Seiya), not Sagittarius Sisyphus (a much less popular character from Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas). But I only saw it on the show, not in person. And totally agree about the tools they feature on “Heroes.” Just watch it for the background goings-on, and the crabcat ladies are fun.

  2. Thanks Angelique, I was not at all familiar with the property. I just wish the show featured people like Epsilon, the guy who created that suit.

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