The Colin Kaepernick NFL Salute to Service jersey

The Colin Kaepernick NFL Salute to Service jersey - Bent Corner

With news of San Fransisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusal to stand for the national anthem because he refuses to stand up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color, it may seem absurd to think the NFL has made money from Kaepernick’s patriotism. The thing is, they have done just that.

Last year the NFL unveiled a whole line of NFL Salute to Service merchandise. From the NFL Show website:

Honor America’s veterans with official Salute to Service gear and apparel from Proudly partnering with the Pat Tillman Foundation, USO, and the Wounded Warrior Project, the NFL will donate 100% of the net proceeds from Salute to Service merchandise to help honor the sacrifices made by our military. Last year, the NFL donated nearly $800,000 to our non-profit partners. Get your hands on Salute to Service jerseys, hats, shirts, and sweatshirts today and join us in saluting our military and their families.

Included in the NFL Salute to Service merchandise were San Fransisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick jerseys.

You can’t get Colin Kaepernick Salute to Service jerseys now. Not from the NFL Shop website. They sold out last year.

I feel sorry for fans who paid $159 for a Colin Kaepernick NFL Salute to Service jersey. They probably aren’t the type of people who tolerate those who refuse to honor the American flag. I don’t see how anyone could wear anything with Kaepernick name and number on it, especially when it also has the Amerian flag on it.

How can Colin Kaepernick criticize America for oppressing people of color while wearing a t-shirt featuring photos of Fidel Castro and Malcolm X? Fidel Castro was an apex predator of the oppression of Black people and people of color.

The following video is from 1959, a year before the photos on Colin Kaepernick’s t-shirt were taken:

The Black person in the video was charged, tried, convicted, and executed by firing squad all on the same day. His crime? He worked for the Cuban government before Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban government.

Death by firing squad was a fate shared by thousands of Cubans under Fidel Castro.

Colin Kaepernick is an idiot and I have zero respect for him.

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