The Houston Astros cheated during World Series championship season

houston astros cheating

Former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers told The Athletic that the Astros used a camera to steal signs during the 2017 World Series Championship season. How exactly did they do it? I’d normally quote The Athletic directly, but they’re behind an extreme paywall. Instead, I’ll quote from the four-letter network:

From ESPN:

Fiers said the Astros had a camera set up in center field with a feed sent to a television monitor in the tunnel next to the Astros’ dugout. Astros players and team employees could watch the live feed and would relay the pitch by banging loudly on a garbage can in the tunnel.

Mike Fiers left the Astros after the 2017 season, so he cannot speak with direct knowledge concerning the 2018 and 2019 season. That said, I highly doubt the Houston Astros suddenly stopped cheating after winning the World Series. The cheating paid off. Why would they then stop? They wouldn’t.

Discovering the Houston Astros are cheating scumbags who use technology to steal signs just makes the Washington Nationals World Series Championship even more impressive. As if their championship wasn’t impressive enough.

Jomboy Media has an excellent breakdown showing how the cheating took place.


If you’re not already subscribed to Jomboy Media, you really should be. He makes the best sports-related videos on YouTube.

What will Major League Baseball do?

I’m looking forward to seeing how MLB will respond to this mess. They cannot simply ignore it. They have to respond and respond quickly. They cannot just sit back and allow the Astros to investigate themselves. That’s not how you deal with cheaters. They have an agenda. Finding the truth and sharing it for the world to see is not it.

How did the Houston Astros think they would get away with it?

houston astros cheating
Mike Fiers

If Mike Fiers had not fessed up to what he and his former teammates did, it was only a matter of time until someone else did. Things like this cannot stay secret forever. Not with free agency.

The fact a former pitcher for the Astros and not a hitter would know all the details of the illegal scheme involving a camera just shows it was not on a need to know basis. Fiers has no need to know about any of it. That tells me it probably wasn’t only the players who knew about how the Astros were cheating. I’m sure everyone within the organization knew about it too.

Mike Fiers is an American hero and the Astros are now on my list of hated teams.

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