The Game Hub: ‘odors tend to linger’

There has to be a better way of telling nerds not to smell bad.

The Game Hub Hagerstown

I was walking past one of Hagerstown’s two game stores, The Game Hub. It’s located in downtown Hagerstown on Franklin street.

They sell Magic The Gathering cards and have a play area in the back of the store. According to the above sign, they have a problem with customers in the play area not practicing  good personal hygiene. The problem is so bad, they have to post a sign at the door.

I don’t know anything about the store. Not really. I know it used to be called Mystikal Keep. I stopped in a few times, although not when it was at this specific place. Mystikal Keep was located various places, all in downtown Hagerstown. The last time I stopped in at Mystikal keep was when it was catty corner from the Hagerstown branch of the Washington County Free Library. It could have been a nice shop. The problem was that it reeked of cigarette smoke. The owner chained smoked cigarettes.

When I noticed the name changed from Mystikal Keep to The Game Hub, I assumed there was a change in ownership. I also assumed it wouldn’t smell like a dirty ashtray. That may be true, but they’ve evidently swapped one awful smell for another. Then again, maybe the Mystikal Keep had a problem with customers not showering and wearing deodorant, but the pungent smell of pre-lung cancer masked it.

deodorI can’t imagine having to display a sign telling customers to take a shower and use deodorant. And this sign is displayed to everyone, not just customers. How many prospective customers have read this sign on the door and changed their mind about shopping there?  Without stepping foot in this business, you learn they have poor ventilation and their customers have a problem with personal hygiene.

There has to be a better way of telling nerds not to smell bad.

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