The coronavirus pandemic makes me feel a lot less patriotic

For most of my adult life, I’ve considered myself to be a patriotic person. It began in earnest after I joined the United States Air Force. Not because of the canned patriotism drilled into me during basic training, but because of the people I got to know who were serving alongside me. I got to know people from all over the country. With very few exceptions, I liked everyone I met.

Before I joined the Air Force, I only left the state of California once. I was on a church trip to a Hopi Indian reservation in the state of Arizona. We painted a church. Other than that week-long trip when I was 15, the only Americans I interacted with were people living in Southern California. It wasn’t until I was in the Air Force that I got to know people from all over the country.

It was then that my love of country really took root and grew.

After months of this pandemic, I don’t feel very patriotic

Fast forward to today and the past nine months. The coronavirus pandemic has made me rethink my patriotism, my love of country. When I see so many of my fellow Americans act selfishly and express ignorant ideas about the coronavirus, it makes me question both my patriotism and the love of my country.

The coronavirus pandemic makes me feel less patriotic each and everyday - Bent Corner

The fact that so many Americans refuse to wear a face-covering or wear it properly leaves me feeling, at best, indifferent about this country.

United we stand?

This pandemic would be a lot less severe if we all worked together and did what the CDC recommended that we do. Instead, too many Americans go out of their way to ignore the CDC guidelines. For many Americans, wearing a mask during a pandemic became a political issue. People like that disgust me. I want nothing to do with ignorant, selfish people like that.

I feel no pride in belonging to a country where so many of its citizens care only about themselves.

It used to bother me when athletes didn’t stand for the national anthem. I viewed these people to be unpatriotic. Now, I don’t blame anyone for not feeling patriotic. Not anymore. The way I feel now, I don’t think I would stand for the national anthem either.

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