The Chargers and Raiders sharing a stadium is stupid

The Chargers and Raiders have presented their plans for a joint stadium to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and a special committee of six owners overseeing the idea of bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles. The shared stadium between the two AFC West rivals would be built in the city of Carson, sandwiched between Compton and Long Beach.

The project is budgeted at $1.7 billion.

This whole idea seems absurd. Even though the concept of two teams sharing a stadium isn’t new, the New York Giants and the New York Jets have done it for years, it’s never been tried with two teams in the same division. The Giants and the Jets aren’t even in the same conference. The Chargers and the Raiders play each other twice a year. Would the Steelers and Ravens ever share a home stadium? How about the Redskins and the Cowboys?

No they wouldn’t.

And it’s not like these two franchises don’t already have a history of bad blood between their fans. Then again, if these two teams move to Los Angeles, I guess each team’s fanbase would start anew.

As stupid as this idea is, the dumbest has to be the special tower. From the Los Angeles Times:

A signature element of the design is a 115- to 120-foot tower that rises through and extends above the main concourse. It would serve as a pedestal for a cauldron that would change depending on the team. When the Chargers play, simulated lightning bolts would swirl behind glass encasing the tower and, if the team were to score a touchdown, a bolt would shoot out of the top. For Raiders games, a flame would burn in the cauldron in honor of legendary team owner Al Davis.

Al Davis

Al Davis deserves no honor, especially from Angelenos. Davis moved the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles, won a Super Bowl, and then moved the team back to the cesspool known as Oakland, like the thing never happened. I know the Raiders have one of those burning cauldrons thingies in Oakland, but I always assumed its true purpose was to remind Oakland Raiders fans that Al Davis was burning in Hell, standing alongside Osama bin Laden and the guy who invented fat-free mayonnaise.


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