The next Batman movie will not star Ben Affleck as the title character

Matt Reeves will be directing the next Batman movie titled The Batman. It’s scheduled for release to movie theaters on June 25, 2021. Reeves will be casting the movie without Ben Affleck as the title character. Rumor has it he will be casting a younger actor to play the iconic character.

Not only is Reeves directing the movie, but he is also writing it.

I get the impression Warner Bros. just cannot figure out what it wants to do with its comics universe. Other than Wonder Woman and I assume Aquaman, it cannot seem to get its movies right. It owns an incredible catalog of intellectual property thanks to DC Comics, but it wastes most of its catalog of properties on sub-par movies.

Ben “Not Batman” Affleck

Wonder Woman was fantastic. Aquaman is a hit, but I have not seen it. I haven’t really wanted to after seeing Justice League.  I have a giant “wait for the video” policy on all DC movies. That is, except Wonder Woman. I’ll definitely go to the theater for that, no matter what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about it.

Marvel Comics doesn’t seem to have a problem with its movie universe. They have an initial vision of what they want to do and then proceed to cast the best talent they can find. Then they make movie after movie adhering to that vision.

Other than firing James Gunn over old tweets, Marvel Studios doesn’t make mistakes. Warner Bros. was able to capitalize on Marvel’s unforced error and swoop in and hire Gunn to write the next Suicide Squad movie. It’s rumored Gunn will also direct the movie. Of course he will. It would be criminal if Warner Bros. didn’t allow Gunn to direct it as well.

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