The Baltimore Orioles now have a winning record

The Baltimore Orioles now have a winning record - Bent Corner

The Baltimore Orioles‘ record going into tonight’s matchup against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is 45-44. Before you break out your calculator, that is a winning percentage of .506. The Orioles now have a winning record. Glory days are here again!

From the Baltimore Sun:

With their longest winning streak since the 1999 club won 13 straight, the Orioles (45-44) also jumped above .500 this late in the season for the first time since Sept. 8, 2017. With a doubleheader sweep of the Washington Nationals, the Seattle Mariners are tied with the Orioles for the longest winning streak in baseball at 10 games, with each team vaulting into improbable American League wild-card contention.

The Orioles didn’t play yesterday, but the Seattle Mariners did. They beat the Texas Rangers 6-5, extending their victory streak to 11 wins. It seems remarkable to me that there are two teams in Major League Baseball with a double-digit winning streak. It’s hard to win 10 baseball games in a row.

I’m hoping the Orioles extend their winning streak tonight to 11 games. It will not be easy. The Rays are currently 49-40, and sit at second-place in the American League East, the toughest division in the American League.

Update (22 July 2022)

The Baltimore Orioles are currently 46 – 46. Tonight they play the New York Yankees at home, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. All the cool kids on Twitter call it OPCY for short.

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