How to fix the troll problem with social networks

The recent news that Kelly Marie Tran, the actress who played Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, deleted her Instagram account supposedly because of harassment, got me thinking. Social networks have done nothing to deal with the problem of troll accounts. These troll accounts exist for no other reason than to cause trouble … Continue reading “How to fix the troll problem with social networks”

Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop

My wife noticed a weird charge appearing on our Capital One credit card statement. It was for five dollars and it was identified as: GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_richa I had no idea what that means. I disputed the charge with Capital One. I then received a letter from Capital One dated April 19. They informed me that I’ve … Continue reading “Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop”

18-year-old girl kills herself over cyberbullying

Brandy Vela, an 18-year-old high school student from Texas City, Texas, shot and killed herself this week. Her family believes it was in response to the online bullying she had been receiving from her classmates. From CNN: Brandy’s sister, Jackie, says the teen had always been bullied for her weight, but the cyberbullying ramped up … Continue reading “18-year-old girl kills herself over cyberbullying”

Volunteer moderators shut down parts of Reddit

Reddit, the popular online discussion site, had hundreds of its most popular individual discussion areas, called subreddits, closed Thursday. They were closed not by Reddit, but by subreddit moderators, unpaid volunteers who run the individual discussion areas. The reason they did this? To protest the company’s firing of its director of talent, Victoria Taylor. She … Continue reading “Volunteer moderators shut down parts of Reddit”

Patreon has new community guidelines

Patreon, the San Francisco based company that allows people to give money on a recurring basis to the artists and creators they support, introduced new community guidelines. These new guidelines dictate what Patreon recipients can and cannot do to be eligible for receiving Patreon money. There’s a long list of violations that will get Patreon … Continue reading “Patreon has new community guidelines”