Did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers go to the Arena Football League and someone forgot to tell me?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new ugly uniforms Monday and coupled with their new helmets with the fancy chrome facemask, are sure to be the worst looking team in the NFL. Seriously, these new uniforms look hideous.

Though there may be times when insignia red and creamsicle orange look good together, this is not one of those times. Sometimes a uniform is so ugly that it looks kind of cool, this too is not one of those times. This new Tampa Bay Buccaneer uni is so ugly, that it’s just ugly.

How does a team’s ugly uniform effect its ability to sign free agents? Most players like to look good, and if you play for the Bucs, you’re guaranteed not to look good. All things being equal, I wouldn’t be surprised if a player chose to play elsewhere if given the opportunity.

I feel sorry for Buccaneers fans. Almost. At least they don’t have to play their home games on a dirt baseball infield.

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