‘Justice League’ does really well with film critics

Justice League hits theaters today and it’s doing better with movie critics than studio executives had hoped. Movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is showing the movie at 38%, a phenomenal score for a movie like this.

The movie includes Sons of Anarchy Aquaman played by Jason Momoa and some guy as the Flash who is not the Flash. The Flash is in its fourth season on the CW and this guy playing Flash in the movie is not the Flash from the TV show.

That’s dumb because the guy on The Flash TV show is terrific. The Flash from the movie, not so much. He looks like a turd.

TV Flash played by Grant Gustin.

If you already have a guy playing Flash on TV who is pretty damn good at it, why not just have him play Flash in the movie?

Other than the Wonder Woman movie, most of the DC movies have been less than spectacular. It’s like they’re trying to compete with the first Fantastic Four movie and Jennifer Garner’s Elektra movie.

Did anyone over at Warner Bros. Pictures even see the newest Spider-Man movie? The bar has been raised. You can’t just make crap with a lot of CGI and expect moviegoers to flock to it.

So you want to punch a Nazi in the face?

Some people are actually talking asking if it’s ethical to punch a Nazi in the face.

It started when a protester punched white separatist Richard Spencer in the face. Some misguided folks described it as punching a Nazi in the face.

Social justice Warriors (SJWs), people on the control-left, got a kick out of this video. Too many of them defended the violent act, justifying it because Richard Spenser is a Nazi. That’s it’s okay to punch someone in the face if they’re a Nazi.

Richard Spenser is not a Nazi. He is not a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. That organization was pulverized and cast into the trash heap of history long before Spenser was ever born. Richard Spenser is an attention whore with a bad haircut. He enjoys expressing outrageous, racist opinions to get attention.

Nazis were real people. They waged war in Europe from 1939 to 1945. They exterminated over six million Jews. Nazis were responsible for the death and misery of real people. When you compare asshats like Richard Spenser to the Nazis, you’re dishonoring Nazi victims. You should never compare anyone to a Nazi other than an actual Nazi and the words you use should always be in the past tense.

Just because you don’t like someone for their political views, doesn’t mean you get to label them a Nazi. Pick another word to use. That that one is already taken, probably long before you were born.

If you want to punch a Nazi in the face, You’re too late. They’re all gone. If you want to be a puncher of Nazis, you should have been born in the 1920s. You then would have been able to join the U.S. Army, climb in a Higgens boat, and hit the beaches of Normandy, France. If you could get past all the artillery fire, the machine gun nests, and the torn bodies of your friends, you could then punch all the Nazis you wanted.

You’d probably want to shoot them because they would be trying to shoot you. After all, it’s World War Two, they’re Nazis, and you are not 12-years-old.

Unless you’re able to change time and space, you can’t punch a Nazi in the face. Hey, that rhymes. You could punch someone like Richard Spenser in the face, but that’s not the same thing as punching a Nazi. Don’t pretend for a second that he’s a real Nazi and that you’re a Nazi puncher. At most, he’s a cosplay Nazi, albeit not a very good one.

Richard Spenser is not a Nazi and this man is not Wonder Woman.

Richard Spenser is no more a real Nazi than the middle-aged guy at Comic-Con dressed like Wonder Woman costume is really an Amazon princess with superhuman strength. He’s not Wonder Woman. He’s just a guy dressed up like Wonder Woman.

A person can espouse racist views and call for a separation of people based on the color of their skin. In other words, they can be Richard Spenser. That doesn’t make them a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

‘Wonder Woman’ official trailer #2

The second trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie dropped, and like the first trailer, it doesn’t disappoint.

Although I enjoyed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice more than most people, I believe that best part of the movie was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. When I first learned she landed the part of the Amazonian Princess, I thought it was a dumb choice. I thought she was too skinny to be the badass that I know Wonder Women to be. Could Gal Gadot play a princess? Sure. How about an Amazonian? Not so much.

Or so I thought. Gal Gadot can radiate a sense of strength and power that is surprising for someone of her slight stature. Although she looks to be too skinny to be a threat to men, one only has to watch her slow walk towards the German trench, to know that a bunch of Huns are about to meet up with their dead relatives in Hell courtesy of a skinny girl and her sword.

If anything, Gal Gadot’s thin physique makes Wonder Woman even scarier when you bear witness to the absolute carnage she can unleash with her sword, shield, and lasso.

I’m looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman. It hits theaters June 2, 2017.

Comic books are a dead, decaying medium

The San Diego Comic-Con is taking place and movie studios premiered special trailers for their upcoming movies. The following four movies are based on comic book characters.

The trailers:

Suicide Squad

Wonder Woman

Justice League

Doctor Strange

I watched these trailers and felt excited about watching the movies they represented. Never in my life, not even when I was a kid, have I experienced that same level of excitement over an upcoming comic book event. These trailers show just how dead the comic book medium is. The prime medium for telling and consuming superhero stories is not in print but in movies and television.

For a while now, I think I’ve preferred my superhero stories to be presented in movies and TV, not monthly comic books. These trailers just drove that point home. Comic books are as dead as cave drawings. If a superhero story is worth telling, it will be told in a movie or a TV show. If it’s only worth being told in the pages of the $4 monthly floppy, then I don’t want to experience it. I’ll wait for the movie or TV Show. If that leap never happens, if it languishes in the dead medium of flopping comic books, then I’ll take a pass.