Joss Whedon tweets for the death of Donald Trump

It looks like all that toxic masculinity Joss Whedon has been employing the last few years has finally caught up with him. And not in a good way either. The man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly took to Twitter to share his opinion that for the good of the country, he wants President Donald Trump to “quietly” die.
Joss Whedon tweets for the death of Donald Trump - Bent Corner

Has Joss Whedon lost his mind? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he has a brain tumor or full-blown AIDS of the brain.

A normal person in command of their mental facilities doesn’t go on Twitter and express the opinion that he wishes the President of the United States would die.

Joss Whedon is not acting normal.

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President Donald J. Trump.

I’m no fan of our current president either. I didn’t vote for him. I look forward to the day he is no longer in office. That doesn’t mean I want him to die. Even if I did, I would not go on Twitter and express those feelings, especially if I had over 225 thousand Twitter followers. What if one of them is even more insane than Joss Whedon and for the good of the country, tries to make Whedon’s wish come true?

I don’t think there’s anyone I dislike so much that I would want them to die.

Joss Whedon tweets for the death of Donald Trump - Bent Corner
Twitter sees everything. It reacts to some stuff, it ignores everything else.

And how exactly has Joss Whedon’s life been ruined under the Trump Administration? How is it any worse now than it was under the Obama Administration? What’s changed for him? Considering his tax bracket, Joss Whedon got a huge tax cut because of Donald Trump. Whedon is a richer man now because of Donald Trump and for that he wants him to quietly die?

I’ll be really interested to see how Twitter responds to this tweet. Technically, this would be considered hate speech under the Twitter Terms of Service (ToS) and would earn Joss Whedon a suspension of his account. My guess is that won’t happen in this case. Normally only transgendered people get away with tweeting death threats. Joss Whedon is not transgender, but he is a male feminist.

I don’t know if the same relaxed rules apply to famous male feminists. If Joss Whedon doesn’t get a Twitter suspension, I will have my answer.

Scott Lobdell apologizes for sexually harassing MariNaomi

Cartoonist MariNaomi wrote about an awful experience while attending a panel at a recent comic convention. She detailed how a then-unnamed comic book professional harassed her throughout the panel. He made lewd and inappropriate comments to her and about her.

I found it uncomfortable to read, both because of the actions of the harasser and because of the way MariNaomi felt after the panel.

The unnamed harasser now has a name, it’s comic book writer Scott Lobdell.

Scott Lobdell issues a fake apology

Scott Lobdell apologizes for sexually harassing MariNaomi - Rick Rottman
Scott Lobdell

Lobdell revealed this fact by writing an open apology to MariNaomi and her husband.

The apology in its entirety:

First and foremost and without any conditions I would like to formally and publicly apologize for offending a fellow comic book creator.

I am also sorry because if I had realized my failed attempt at humor had offended MariNaomi or her husband in the moment that I made those statements, I would have certainly apologized in then and not have left her to feel victimized in the hours and days that followed.

I am particularly saddened because I was completely blown away by not only her talent as both a writer and artist, but more importantly by the fact she was using her talent to speak so openly and freely about her own life experiences and how they informed the artist that she is today. As someone who has only ever written super heroes, I marvel at the type of courage it takes for someone to put their whole life out on paper (or blogs) for the world to see.

Finally I am sorry that my presence on the panel caused her experience to be anything other than a celebration of her work. MariNaomi deserved more than that.

This “apology” doesn’t really mesh with the facts laid out in MariNaomi’s essay. She wrote that Lobdell apologized to her husband immediately after the panel.

For those keeping score at home, Lobdell has so far apologized to MariNaomi once and to her husband, twice.

It wasn’t Lobdell’s presence that MariNaomi had a problem with. It was his repeated inappropriate comments. Lobdell was acting like a jerk, in public, to a woman he didn’t know. His comments were of an overtly sexual way. MariNaomi did not encourage these comments. She also did not welcome them.

In conclusion

Scott Lobdell sounds like an asshole. If comic convention organizers with an anti-harassment policy invite him to their event, then they are hypocrites. Guys like Lobdell are the reason cons have anti-harassment policies.