About those Redskins-Patriots special practice tees

A lot has been made on the Internet about special commemorative t-shirts on sale at the Washington Redskins official online team store. The shirts feature both the logo of the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins along with the dates the two clubs will be practicing together. The shirts cost $30 each, plus $6.99 … Continue reading “About those Redskins-Patriots special practice tees”

RGIII to wear street clothes for the rest of the season

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan made the announcement on Wednesday that Robert Griffin III will finish the remaining three games of the season on the inactive list. Starting at quarterback in RGIII’s place will be fellow second-year player Kirk Cousins. Backing up Cousins will be none other than Rex Grossman, a former Super Bowl … Continue reading “RGIII to wear street clothes for the rest of the season”

Skip Bayless is an idiot

ESPN blowhard Skip Bayless spoke up about Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and claimed white Redskins fans favor Kirk Cousins over Griffin. They prefer Cousins at quarterback because he’s a white guy like them. He made this assertion yesterday on ESPN’s morning show, First Take. Here is a portion of what Bayless said: … Continue reading “Skip Bayless is an idiot”

Washington Redskins take Robert Griffin III with the second pick

The NFL Draft started last night and the Washington Redskins selected Baylor quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. Not that it was a surprise. The Redskins moved up in the draft to select Griffin. They haven’t wanted a quarterback this badly since they traded for former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb way … Continue reading “Washington Redskins take Robert Griffin III with the second pick”

Everton FC beats D.C. United 3-1

Last night Everton FC beat the DC United 3-1. Even though advertisements pertaining to last night’s game all featured the name and photo of Everton goalkeeper, American Tim Howard, he did not play last night. Instead, he signed autographs for people who purchased special sideline tickets. He then sat on the bench. D.C. United striker … Continue reading “Everton FC beats D.C. United 3-1”