Two men arrested for not buying anything at Starbucks

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross is defending the actions of his police officers after they arrested two men for refusing to leave a Starbucks after not buying anything. The two men are black.

From CNN:

The employees told officers the two men wanted to use the restroom but were told the facilities are only for paying customers. The Starbucks employees then asked the men to leave, but they refused, Ross says.

Officers responded and asked the men three times to “politely to leave the location because they were being asked to leave by employees because they were trespassing.” When the men again refused to leave, they were arrested “without incident,” Ross says.

The men were taken to a police station and released when it became clear Starbucks didn’t want to press charges.

Driving for Uber and Lyft, I often find myself sitting around waiting for a ride request. I try to stay in my car parked in a public parking lot. McDonald’s is a favorite choice of mine to wait for a ride request. Sometimes I go through the drive-through and get a coffee, sometimes I don’t.

I’ve never been asked to leave while just sitting in my car in the parking lot playing Candy Crush or reading a book, but if I was, I’d do exactly what was asked and leave.

That’s the thing. I cannot imagine being asked to leave by someone from McDonald’s and not doing what they asked. I really cannot imagine cops “asking” me to leave and not leaving. Police carry guns. I always do what people with guns ask me to do.

I’ve never walked into a Starbucks and just sat down and not bought anything. I guess I’ve always thought it was an unspoken agreed rule of living in a civilized society that you buy something before sitting down in Starbucks. Does Starbucks need to put up signs stating that its limited seating is for paying customers? I guess they do.

A big part of this story is the two men were waiting for a third man to join them. Did the two men tell anyone at Starbucks they were waiting for someone to join their party?

I’m not sure that the two men were black had anything to do with the incident. Then again, the two men were asked three times to leave Starbucks by the police and they refused all three times.

I’ve been told by groups like Black Lives Matter the police will murder black men without provocation and when they do commit murder, they are not held legally responsible. Because of this fact, black men are fearful of the police. It doesn’t seem these two men at Starbucks were at all fearful of the police. If they were, they would have left.

This incident could have been easily avoided. Even if they didn’t like coffee, they could have bought a $2 bottled water or a $5 cookie. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume the two men wanted to be arrested. That would just be silly, right?


Protesters have been pouncing on Starbucks. The guy with the megaphone is so woke, looking directly at him is like staring into the Sun.

I upgraded my iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 11 and now GPS does not work

I upgraded my iPhone’s operating system to iOS 11 when it told me to. Big mistake. Not only did key features of the iPhone change (Podcasts) to less capable versions, the built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) is now junk. It works until it doesn’t work.

When driving for Uber, GPS is very important

If I didn’t drive for Uber, I probably wouldn’t care about the GPS. At least not as much as I do now. When you drive for Uber, the GPS is very important. Not only does it tell you where to go to pick up your passenger, it continuously sends tracking information back to Uber so that it can keep the passenger updated as to your status.

Yesterday the GPS on my iPhone was not working correctly.

The first trip of the day, I picked up a passenger at a nearby grocery store. Uber was sending me up-to-date navigational information to the pick-up spot. When I pulled up to the front of the store, I had to wait a few minutes for the passenger. The reason? Because her Uber ridder app showed that I had not yet left, let alone arrived. Even though the GPS was working for me, it evidently wasn’t sending updates to Uber.

My navigational system has fallen and it won’t get up

On the next trip, the Uber wasn’t sending me navigational information. It was like I was looking at a screenshot of a navigational screen. As I was driving to the general direction of where the passenger was, I rebooted the Uber app and then rebooted the entire iPhone. When it came back up, I had to cancel the ride because I had taken far too much time getting the iPhone up and running. In the Uber settings, I switched from the native navigation system to Waze. I then drove around a bit with Waze up to make sure the screen was updating my location. I appeared to be working, so I went back into Uber and went online.

A few minutes later, I got a passenger request. It was over at Prime Outlets, an outlet mall in Hagerstown off Interstate 70. Right before I got to Prime Outlets, I got a text from the passenger asking me if I was on my way. Great, it sounded as though the iPhone wasn’t sending navigational updates to Uber. I replied that I was and would be there in a few minutes.

I picked her up and drove her home. She was a frequent passenger of mine. After dropping her off, I got another request right away. I began driving towards the new passenger. The navigation system was doing what it was supposed to do, at least it appeared on my end that it was.

About a minute from the new passenger’s location, the passenger canceled the ride. No biggie, since it has been over two minutes since they requested the ride, at least I’ll get the $5.25 cancellation fee.

Where’s my $5.25 cancellation fee?

A few minutes went by and the cancellation fee didn’t appear on my account. It showed $0.00. I then looked at the last trip, the one where I picked up the rider at Prime Outlets. It showed I earned $3.45 for the trip, the bare minimum you can make on a single trip driving for Uber. The trip showed it took 15 minutes, 35 seconds and was 0.00 miles.

I logged out of Uber and went home. Then I emailed Uber support. I told them I should have received a cancellation fee because it had been more than two minutes since the rider requested the trip. The got back to me and stated the cancellation fee did not apply because it showed I was taking too long to get to the passenger. My iPhone was obviously not sending navigation info to Uber.

I also contacted Uber about the $3.45 fare. They informed me that I would need to send them the following:
– Date of trip
– Time of trip
– Pickup and drop-off location
– Fare
– Rider name

Once they have that, they’ll be able to assist me. As much as I’d like to blame Uber for this, the problem is with my iPhone. The problem with my phone is because Apple essentially forced me to upgrade the operating system.

Apple sucks and I hate it

I erased the iPhone and reloaded the OS. What else could I do? I just finished paying off this iPhone. The last thing I want to do is get a new phone. I’d like to roll back the OS to the prior system, but Apple doesn’t allow that.

I wish Apple cared less about protecting the privacy rights of murderous dead Islamists and more about taking care of its existing customers. Just because they release a new iPhone doesn’t mean I want to buy it. By forcing a crappy OS on my two-year-old phone, breaking features I rely upon, doesn’t mean I will go out and buy shiny new iPhone 8. My iPhone was working perfectly fine until the new operating system.

When I do buy a new phone, it will not be a phone made by Apple.

I blame Tim Cook

I know it’s not rational, but I have some major hatred for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. For some reason, when I was erasing my iPhone and reinstalling the same awful OS, I was picturing him laughing at me.

The laughing Tim Cook is the worst of all the Tim Cooks.

Again, this was not a rational thing to do. I’m fully aware of this. I’m sure Tim Cook is a wonderful person with many redeeming qualities. That said, yesterday I wanted to put him in a rear naked chokehold and watch him go to sleep.

I decided to put the iPhone down for a while and take two Xanax.

Nobody will ever get rich driving for Uber

In retrospect, I think the basis of my anger had more to do with where my life is right now. I allowed myself to get worked up about a missing $5.25 cancellation fee. Nobody will ever get rich driving for Uber. When you drive for Uber, every dollar is important. I now have to go into Uber’s system and find the information about the zero mile trip. They have all this information, yet it’s up to me to obtain it and send it to them.  For what, to get them to pay me a few more bucks?

It sucks to be in that position.

My new Nintendo 3DS XL

I picked up a New Galaxy Style Nintendo 3DS XL at Walmart yesterday. The price was rolled back to $179.00 from the original price of $199. I’ve wanted to pick one up for a while now. I wanted one to use while waiting for Uber requests.

The problem is, I don’t have any games for it. I had a physical copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, but I cannot find it anywhere. It’s just gone. I tried to download the games I paid for through the digital Nintendo Game Store with my old 3DS, but it tells me there’s nothing to download.

I wanted to buy a physical copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s running $19.99 everywhere that sells it.


My first stop was Target. They had the game, but there was nobody in electronics.

Toys R Us

They also had it, but like Target, there was nobody working in electronics. There was a sign saying if anyone needed help, to go to the customer service desk.


They were selling a used copy for $18.99. I tried to buy it, but it was like the register area was at the mouth of a black hole. Time slowed down to a crawl. The employee wearing a beanie was helping someone do something that involved a going to the back of the store multiple times. There were two people in front of me waiting to buy a Funko figure. The other store employee was talking to them, talking about how he got his grandmother into watching The Walking Dead. I guess the figure was from The Walking Dead.

At that point, a woman and a developmentally challenged man came into the store.  The developmentally challenged man began making very loud noises. The problem was that I began having a mini-panic attack. The only thing stopping it from becoming a full panic attack was that I left GameStop. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Best Buy

My last attempt at buying a physical copy of the game was at Best Buy. They had it in individual anti-theft plastic cases. This made buying it very easy. I bought it and went home.

What a hassle.  I think I’ll be checking out the Nintendo Game Store in the future. Even if my purchases disappear, it’s easier than going out in the real world.


My Uber Week in review – July 30 – August 5 2017

I completed my second full week of driving for Uber. When I refer to a full week, I mean Monday through Friday. I even took a Lyft request, doubling my grand total of lifetime Lyft trips to two.

All in all, I had a good week. All of my passengers were pleasant and most seemed to want to talk. I’m always up for conversing, so I like it when passengers want to talk. I met some interesting people with fascinating stories to tell.

Here’s a snapshot of my week:

My Uber Week in review - July 30 - August 5 - Bent Corner

I didn’t have any long trips down to Baltimore (last week I had two), but I still made about what I made last week.

There was one trip that really irritated me. It was nothing the passenger did. It was caused solely by Uber and my stupidity. I was parked near the Valley Mall waiting for a passenger request. It had been slow all day and it was hotter outside than Satan’s armpit. After a long wait, I was finally sent a request and without fully looking at it, I accepted it. Big mistake.

My Uber Week in review - July 30 - August 5 - Bent CornerIt turned out the passenger was 23 minutes away. Even worse, they were across the Potomac River in Martinsburg, West Virginia. According to Uber, I’m not authorized to pick up passengers in West Virginia. According to Uber, my Maryland car inspection only allows me to pick up passengers in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

When I arrived at the pickup spot and the passenger got in the car, I found out they wanted to go to Winchester, Virginia.

Most passengers don’t realize drivers never know where passengers are going until they get in your car and you begin the trip in the app. I didn’t understand is why Uber sent me the request. Why didn’t they send a driver based out of Martinsburg or Winchester?

Contacting Uber support can be a waste of time

After dropping off the passenger in Winchester, I then had to drive back to Hagerstown without compensation. Later that day, I contacted Uber support about it. What a frustrating waste of time. I couldn’t a straight answer. According to Uber support, if I didn’t want to take a passenger to Winchester and deadhead the fifty miles back to Hagerstown, I should have “politely” refused to drive the passenger. This, after they got in my car.


That was idiotic advice. I’m supposed to drive twenty miles away to a different state, a state I’m not even authorized to pick up passengers in, and then tell the passenger to get out of my car and try again?

I asked the Uber support person why they sent me and not a Martinsburg or Winchester driver.  No answer. When I asked Uber support if I was now authorized to pick up passengers in West Virginia, I got no answer.

I finally gave up trying to get a straight answer from Uber support. I wasn’t getting any answers and I was only getting more annoyed.


It’s hard to drive for Uber with a throttled iPhone

Friday was a really short day. Not because I wanted it to be, but because AT&T throttled my unlimited data down to dial-up speed. My unlimited data had reached its monthly limit and would stay throttled until the following day when the account began its new month. Uber sent me only one passenger request Friday. I canceled the second the app gave me the option. The passenger would not come out of his house. I received the $5.25 cancellation fee. I’m going to start doing that from now on. If the passenger doesn’t show up within the time allotted, I’m canceling.

Adding the Lyft ride to my Uber total, I made a little over $250 for the week. Thanks to the $0.54 per mile deduction the IRS allows, it was all tax-free. Not too bad. I won’t get rich driving for Uber or Lyft, but it helps pay the bills. I also sold a WordPress plugin through my business website. Every bit adds up.

Lessons learned this week

  • Look to see how far away a passenger is before accepting a ride request in the Uber driver app. If they are more than ten minutes away, do not accept it.
  • Don’t even try to get into multi-message conversations with Uber support. If they fail to properly address your concern with the first message, don’t waste time with more messages. It’s not worth the aggravation.
  • AT&T unlimited data has its limits. Go over your monthly limit and they will throttle you down like you are connected to a dial-up account.
  • Don’t listen to music through the Uber app. It uses a lot of data. Plus, it’s very repetitive. I must have heard Soft Cell’s Tainted Love at least 47 times last week.
  • As soon as the app gives you the option of canceling the trip because of a rider no-show, take it.

Uber now informs drivers if a passenger requests a long trip

Uber rolled out a new feature sometime last week that allows a driver to know when a passenger requests a long ride (rides that take over an hour) when the request is sent to the driver, before the driver accepts the request.

This new feature rolled out for me Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand it so I couldn’t take advantage of it. Uber didn’t publicize this new feature before they implemented it. As far as I know, they still haven’t announced it. I haven’t received an email from Uber about it. Normally when Uber rolls out a new feature that’s part of its 180 Days of Change, they send out an email to its drivers.


I had a long trip request on Tuesday and the request looked the same as all the others. I had a long trip request on Friday and the request looked like the one shown above.

This is a fantastic feature. One of the benefits of driving for Uber is you decide when you’re going to drive. If you have a couple free hours, you can always jump on Uber and make some extra money. Before this new feature rolled out, you never knew where a passenger wanted to go until you picked them up. Once they got in your car and you began the trip in the app, Uber then told you were you were going.

If you found out a passenger was going to require more time than what you had available, you could always just cancel the trip and tell the passenger to get our of your car and try again. That could potentially get awkward very quickly.

Now that this new feature has been rolled out, I feel a lot more comfortable driving when I only have an hour or two. I don’t have to worry about accepting a trip that I cannot take because of my schedule.

Why not always tell the driver where the passenger wants to go? Because if a passenger only wants to go a few miles away, a lot of drivers wouldn’t accept the trip request. This behavior, in my opinion, is problematic. It’s not good for Uber if passengers get the impression requesting a short ride is not something they can count on.

Passengers should feel as though they can always count on an Uber driver getting them promptly and safely to their desired location, even if it’s only a few miles away. Some of the most enjoyable trips I’ve had were with passengers going a short distance. Now that Uber has added the ability for passengers to add a tip, you never really know how much money you’ll make from a trip, even it’s short drive. The first day I drove after in-app tipping was added to the app, I had a passenger add a $2 tip to a five buck trip, making it a lot more profitable.

Knowing that Uber is not done with its 180 Days of Change. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Can you still pretend you are a male feminist when you kill a woman?

YouTube personality and male feminist Aleksandr Kolpakov (a.k.a. Russian Deadpool) is sitting in a Colorado jail cell awaiting trial for second-degree murder. Kolpakov shot girlfriend and YouTube channel co-host Heather Anable in the neck and chest, killing her.

If you’ve never heard of Russian Deadpool before now, I envy you. I’m only aware of him because he was the co-moderator of a “debate” between Carl Benjamin (a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad) and Kristi Winters. The debate was held on Kolpakov and Anable’s YouTube channel, The Skeptic Feminist.

Before you try to watch the debate, I recommend brewing a pot of strong coffee and snorting some crushed up NoDoz.

I tried to watch the debate shortly after it happened, but I found it too boring to watch. The topic was Is Feminism Good for the World. Kristi was debating for the affirmative, Carl was debating for the negative. My favorite part was the anime poster behind the two moderators. I don’t know a lot about formal debate, by I would think one of the first things you would want to do is get rid of decor that doesn’t have anything to do with the subject. How hard is it to take down an anime poster?

Is Aleksandr Kolpakov still a feminist?

If you’re sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for murdering a woman, can you still call yourself a male feminist?  I don’t think so. I think killing a woman means an automatic expulsion from the male feminist club. There are many types of feminists practicing many types of feminism, but I’ve got to think a common belief all feminists share is the belief that killing a defenseless woman is wrong.

Kolpakov still believes he’s a feminist. He’s even still using the Russian Deadpool pseudonym. He’s been corresponding with feminist YouTuber Jenny McDermott. She’s made videos about their correspondence. In the first video, she held up a letter he wrote to her and you can clearly see where he signed it as “Aleksandr Kolpakov AKA Russian Deadpool.”

What a dirt bag. When you shoot and kill someone, maybe you should retire the YouTube username based on a comic book character who shoots people. I imagine Marvel Comics isn’t too happy to have their intellectual property associated with someone like Aleksandr Kolpakov. This case will most likely get more publicity when he goes on trial. Evidently Kolpakov is blaming his actions on poisoned psychedelic mushrooms, so I’m sure the case will have lots and lots of needless drama. If Aleksandr Kolpakov has any honor, he’d plead guilty and spare Heather Anable’s family the ordeal of a trial.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the trial shows up as a Dateline episode.