Rob Schneider sends his fans after Gail Simone

Saturday Night Live alumni and comedic actor Rob Schneider took exception to a joke comic book writer Gail Simone made. It involved Canadian donut shop Tim Hortons and Schneider. Gail made a joke about Tim Hortons being the Rob Schneider of donut shops.

Having had Tim Hortons coffee and watched a lot of Rob Schneider movies, I thought Gail’s joke was not only extremely funny, but it was also highly accurate.

You know who didn’t think it was funny? Professional funnyman Rob Schneider, that’s who.

He disliked Gail’s joke so much he asked his legion of Twitter followers to contact Gail and tell her how they felt. What Schneider did is called brigading. Not only is it a dick move, but it’s also against Twitter’s rules. Some people get kicked off the platform for brigading. Others don’t even get a Twitter timeout for the infraction. Twitter is very wishy-washy when it comes to enforcing their rules.

Rob Schneider Gail Simone

Rob Schneider said he’d never heard of Gail Simone. You’d think before brigading her, he’d want to do a quick Google search to make sure she’s not related to Adam Sandler. If he ever got on Sandler’s bad side, Schneider’s movie career would be over.

Rob Schneider is a hypocrite

Rob Schneider Gail Simone

What Rob Schneider did was wrong. Not only did it make him come across as thin-skinned, but it also made him look extremely hypocritical. He’s supposed to be a comedic actor. How can someone who tells jokes for a living get their feelings hurt when the joke is about them? Instead of sicing his Twitter fans after her, Schneider should have tried to hire Gail as one of his joke writers.

If anyone or anything has a right to get upset over Gail’s joke, it’s Tim Hortons.

The YouTube “critic” who said, among other things, that Gail Simone wasn’t funny, was wrong. Then again, he’s been wrong about a lot lately. Ask Neil Gaiman.

Stay away form Tim Horton’s K-Cups

I was at Sam’s Club the other day and picked up a box of Tim Hortons K-Cups. People have told me that Tim Hortons was like the Canadian version of Duncan Donuts. Since I associate Duncan Donuts with the greatest tasting coffee ever made, I decided to give it a try.

Big mistake.

Tim Hortons K-Cups coffee is terrible. It’s weak and bland tasting. It’s nothing at all like Dunken Donuts coffee. It tastes like watered down gas station coffee with a hint of sadness. The type of sadness an entire country emits after years of not winning the Stanley Cup.

After drinking my first cup of Tim Hortons, I found myself with yet another reason to take pity on Canadians. If our neighbors to the north think Tim Hortons coffee tastes good, it’s an indicator of just how horrible life is in Canada. No wonder so many Canadians dream of moving to the United States like so many of their hockey teams have done.

Take my advice and stay away from Tim Horton coffee. Whatever you do, don’t buy a box of 80 K-Cups like I did. I wish I could say I was high on bath salts or that I had been drinking forties of Olde English 800 all day before going to Sam’s Club. That would be a lie. I was just being stupid.

Don’t be stupid. Don’t buy Tim Hortons K-Cup coffee.