Stay away from Dollar Shave Club

If you’ve watched ESPN for any time, you’ve probably seen commercials for something called Dollar Shave Club. It’s a service that sends you a razor and blades and then every month, replacement blades for the razor.

Dollar Shave Club has two things going for it: price and convenience. The 4x, a 4-blade cartridge and probably the most popular of its three cartridges, is only $6 a month and the shipping is free. This is cheaper than what you would pay for a 4-blade razor in a store. Receiving the replacement cartridges in the mail is a lot more convenient than buying them in a store. Because replacement cartridges are a high-theft item, most places lock them up, resulting in an inconvenient shopping experience.

Nobody would ever lock-up Dollar Shave Club cartridges.

The blades in a Dollar Shave Club cartridge just aren’t very good. Although they are very sharp, at least when you first use one, the blades doesn’t have any flex. This becomes very problematic when you are shaving something curved, like your head. When shaving something curved, flex is good. It allows the blade to adapt to the surface it is shaving, not only resulting in a closer shave, and hopefully, fewer cuts.

The last time I shaved my head with a Dollar Shave Club cartridge, a brand new cartridge, I cut my head in three places. Cut is an understatement. They were more like gouges. They bleed a lot.

Dollar Shave ClubI had to walk around with Band-Aids on the back of my head like a weirdo for a week. I then had to wait another week for the wounds to completely heal to shave my head again.

I canceled my Dollar Shave Club membership. I also went out and purchased a new razor that uses cartridges good enough to steal. Even though I had only been using Dollar Shave Club for a few months, I couldn’t believe how incredibly different, how exceptionally better, the store-bought blades were.

Use Dollar Shave Club for a few months and you’ll really appreciate good blades, blades good enough to steal.

Stay away from Dollar Shave Club.

The ugliest hat I have ever seen

I was perusing the after-Christmas sale on when I happened to stumble upon the ugliest hat I’ve ever seen. That says a lot because I’ve been all over the world, and I’ve seen lots of hats.  This hat, by far, is the ugliest hat I’ve ever seen.

Why in the world would New Era make something like this? If I didn’t know any better, I’d thing they just gathered up some remnant material from other hats and just threw this thing together. Needless to say, faux leopard skin, NATO woodland camo, and fluorescent pink don’t go well together.

New Era ought to be ashamed of themselves.