Uber increases its booking fee. What’s a booking fee?

Uber is increasing its booking fee by 20 to 35 cents. A booking fee is a fee Uber charges the rider on each ride. The driver does not receive any of this money. It goes entirely to Uber.

What is a booking fee? Uber says the fee is “to cover safety as well as additional operational costs that could arise in the future.

The booking fee use to be called the safe ride fee. They changed the name a result of a federal class action suit over Uber’s safety claims. Uber claimed that its background checks for drivers was “industry leading.”

Uber’s background checks are not industry leading. In fact, they’re the opposite. Uber has fought against laws that would need fingerprint-based background checks for its drivers. Uber threatened to leave the state of Maryland if it required fingerprint-based background checks.

The Maryland Public Service Commission caved. They decided not to require Uber drivers to have fingerprint-based criminal background checks.

Maryland requires taxi cab drivers to have fingerprint-based criminal background checks.

Uber increases its booking fee. What's a booking fee? - Bent Corner
MODOK, the bioengineered living computer Uber uses to set prices and fees. MODOK also answers all support questions from Uber drivers.

The booking fee increase is hitting markets on an individual basis. Once the bioengineered living computer Uber uses to determine prices decides how much of an increase a market will receive, the new booking fee will be announced to riders in that market.

Riders will always know before a trip begins how much that trip will cost. With Uber’s upfront fares, riders will always know how much they will pay, no matter what the booking fee is. The booking fee is included in the upfront fee.

Drivers never know how much they will receive from a ride until the ride is complete. In fact, drivers don’t know how far a trip will be until the rider is in the vehicle and the wheels begin to spin. A rider’s destination is kept secret from the driver until the last possible second. The reason? Because many drivers would not accept rides if they knew the riders was only going a few blocks. Most drivers lose money on these types of trips.

Drivers aren’t paid to drive to a rider’s pickup point. That means, as a driver, you can drive several miles away to pick up a rider and then only drive them a few blocks.

This has happened to me multiple times. This is one of the reasons I don’t drive for Uber very often.