Taltz is for people with moderate to severe psoriasis?

I hate this commercial. It’s for a psoriasis medication called Taltz.

I have psoriasis. It’s caused by a screwed-up immune system. It sends new skin cells to areas on the body where no new skin cells are needed. It results in an accumulation in new skin cells along with the already existing healthy skin cells, skin cells that do not need to be replaced. It creates thick, flaky areas of skin.

My psoriasis manifests mostly on my hands and finger tips. It causes the skin to get very thick. Once the skin gets thick, it cracks, bleeds, and becomes very painful. The cracks will often get infected, making them even more painful.

It makes it very hard to work with my hands. The more I use my hands, the worse the psoriasis gets. Back when I worked with my hands as an electronics technician, it was a complete nightmare. I often thought about suicide.

I don’t work with my hands anymore, so the psoriasis is a lot better. Currently I only have psoriasis on my left hand. Here’s a photo I took yesterday:

It’s now mostly on the tip of my middle finger. It’s not bleeding, so it’s not that bad.

Although I have psoriasis, I don’t have the type the people in the commercial have. These people need to take an expensive, dangerous drug so they can walk across an open field wearing a skimpy blouse and not feel self-conscious. The people shown in the commercial are all pretty people who feel less pretty because of psoriasis. Screw them and screw Taltz. I have the type of psoriasis that makes my hands hurt, bleed, and become nearly unusable.