‘Direct To Reader’ is an awful way to distribute comics

I was watching an episode of Diversity & Comics on YouTube where the show’s host “Zack” (government name Richard C. Meyer) floated a name for the method of publishing a comic book exclusively through crowdsourcing. The name he came up with was Direct to Reader (D2R). He’s publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls through Indiegogo. For $25 plus … Continue Reading “‘Direct To Reader’ is an awful way to distribute comics”

Comic shop bans a customer for wanting to read ‘Jawbreakers: Lost Souls’

Mirror Magic Comics, located in Mill Creek, Washington, banned a customer from their store. The reason for the banning was because he’s a supporter and backer of Jawbreakers: Lost Souls and according to Heather Harris McFarlane, the owner of Mirror Magic Comics, this makes him a safety risk to their staff and other customers. Seriously, that’s what … Continue Reading “Comic shop bans a customer for wanting to read ‘Jawbreakers: Lost Souls’”

The #MoveTheNeedle Twitter comics campaign

There’s a positive Twitter campaign going on involving #ComicsGate. The way it works is this: whenever you buy comics based on the recommendations of people associated with #ComicsGate, Diversity & Comics, Capn Cummings, Yellow Flash, Douglas Ernst, etc., you take a photo of the comics you bought and post it on Twitter along with the hashtag #MoveTheNeedle. It hopefully … Continue Reading “The #MoveTheNeedle Twitter comics campaign”

What does social justice even mean?

The term social justice is one of those terms that seems to have as many meanings as people advocating for it. I feel as though if I asked ten people what social justice means, I’d get ten different answers. That’s not good. When I look up the term in the dictionary, I get a definition … Continue Reading “What does social justice even mean?”

The Social Justice Comics Code of Approval

One of the problems with buying comic books these days is figuring out if the book is upholding the ideas and virtues of social justice. Does the book feature any characters from a marginalized group? Are any of the book’s creators from a marginalized group? I realized the comic book industry needs a way of … Continue Reading “The Social Justice Comics Code of Approval”

ESPN suspends SportsCenter host Jemele Hill for two weeks

ESPN suspended SportsCenter host Jemele Hill for breaking the company’s social media policy. She posted two tweets encouraging people to boycott Dallas Cowboys advertisers. The reason? Cowboys owner Jerrey Jones threatened to sit any player who sits for the national anthem. ESPN’s Statement on Jemele Hill: pic.twitter.com/JkVoBVz7lv — ESPN PR (@ESPNPR) October 9, 2017 Jemele … Continue Reading “ESPN suspends SportsCenter host Jemele Hill for two weeks”