NHL.TV blackouts are stupid, un-American, and anti-consumer

I signed up for NHL.TV again. Unlike past seasons, this time I chose the monthly plan. I’ll end up paying more for the 2018-19 season as a whole, but this gives me the flexibility to cancel before the 19th of each month. This ability will come in handy if I find myself not watching it, something I’ve … Continue reading “NHL.TV blackouts are stupid, un-American, and anti-consumer”

I signed up for DirecTv Now

I signed up for DirecTv Now, the online streaming service from AT&T. I got the “Go Big” plan for the promotional price of $35 a month. It will eventually convert to $60 a month, but my subscription is locked in for $35 a month as long as I keep it. I also added HBO for … Continue reading “I signed up for DirecTv Now”

Funimation Roku app will not allow streaming of TV-MA programming

The Funimation Roku app, FunimationNow (version 1.0 build 110) will not allow me to stream TV-MA rated content. I can watch such content on my computer or on my Xbox One, but not on any of my Roku devices. When I try to watch a show that’s rated TV-MA, I see a blue screen with the words, “Sorry! This … Continue reading “Funimation Roku app will not allow streaming of TV-MA programming”

Goodbye Dish, I’m cutting the cord

We currently get TV through Dish. To save money we have the cheapest plan they offer, the Flex Pack. The base price for the Flex Pack is $34.99. It’s limited in what it offers. For instance, it includes CNN, but not MSNBC or Fox News. It also doesn’t include any local channels. For that, it costs an … Continue reading “Goodbye Dish, I’m cutting the cord”

Dish dropped NFL Network too?

Not only has Dish dropped the CW Network and WGN America from its lineup of programing, they’ve also dropped the NFL Network. From the Wall Street Journal: The NFL said Dish is the first distributor to drop the channel in its 13-year history. If the dispute isn’t resolved in the fall, Dish will also no … Continue reading “Dish dropped NFL Network too?”